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Aww Shift

May 26, 2021

Richard Brooke – Mach 2

Today we have Richard Brooke in this episode. He built multiple global businesses and author of many things and the book Mach 2. Join us to know more about his success and know if how the book can help us achieve our next step. 

[7:36] Why should I listen to you? 

Experience. I've been in business for 44 years. And if you add up the accomplishments versus the failures, in those 44 years, probably failure is 10 to one over accomplishments. I have experience and wisdom and it doesn't come from reading books or making money it comes from failing, and pushing through to the other side.

[9:31] Early Setbacks and Failures

I didn't go to college. I barely got out of high school, the only real option for me was food processing. I did a hard pivot into business 

[11:43] Turning Point

it wasn't the money. I want, I didn't really have that kind of ambition. What attracted me is this particular business is a group of people who had a real strong theme of coaching, mentorship, personal development. 

[14:37] Idea of Writing a Book 

I had to learn how to coach. I started coaching people and there are a lot if people who would ask if I had a book. One of my students coached me to write a book. 

[19:15] Who is the book for? 

I wrote the book for is the person that hasn't yet resigned. I actually wrote it for about the top 47-48%. I run it for those people that they still have a heartbeat for big possibilities in their life who would want to know, what's the system?

[22:30] What do you hope is the next for you? 

Read it again step by step. Study it and dig deeper into it. what I teach people is, if you can't teach what you read, you're leaving 99% of the value of what you read on the table.

[26:30] Programs outside of the book

We have programs that are zoom delivered. We do two-day events where we dive deep with people.


[8:20- 8:30] “We learn all that much. With our successes, we learn a great deal with our failures as we push through them to the other side. Keep going, you know, the cliche is fail forward.”

[16:59- 17:10] “I call it the catch 22 of motivation. That you actually have to be motivated to get motivated to do something right”


To get the book “Mach-2” and more information on Richard go to the following links