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Aww Shift

Jan 25, 2021

We all have a “black sheep” value we need to nourish... a core value that makes us unique and powerful. We are lucky today to have Brant Menswar, author, speaker and a core values and purpose guy who will make us understand and bring out the black sheep value within us. 

[3:50] Why should we listen to you?

I have survived 260-day battle with my son battling cancer where I learned a lot of things and made me an expert on things that you should do with your life. 


Even after 5 years, I’ve got to figure out what is important to me. If I knew this and said the right words then the words that I said would be different. 

[10:15] Your Black Sheep Values.

Defining the black sheep values are your values that cannot be move or be changed by someone like how black sheep’s wools cannot be dyed. 

[11:53] When you use your emotion to deal on a situation simply you don’t use your values to solve the problem. 

What is the process? 

[13:00] The idea is that there is an assessment I let people take on the website. The average person chooses 30 words on the assessment on how they would describe them and this is where the problem starts. The assessment breaks this down and boils you down to your flock of five in which we can work on. 

[17:40] While the farmer does not value the black sheep, they are a marker or the first look to see the situation of the hundreds of white sheep, which is why when we lead with our black sheep values, we get other people to look at the situation which makes your unique contribution. 

[20:25] A lot of people you work with does not like themselves as much. How do you know the person you don’t like is you? How can you prove this? You to start to wonder to stop caring of other people’s sheep.


[25:03] What’s God promise to the world when he made you? 

“That you can change what is possible.” 


[19:10- 19:35]  “When we lead with our black sheep values, we get people’s first look and it begins the transformation”

To find out more about Brant and his website go to: