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Aww Shift

Mar 31, 2021

Today we have Eli Weinstein who is a therapist and the innovator of Elivation. 

Listen as he helps us get our stress out during this time and figure out how we can manage all the crazy things that are happening around us.  

[3:30] Why should anybody listen to you?

When you have people, who care about other people, and selfless love is what I can offer on the table. 

[4:30] How did you get into this? 

At a young age, I love people and speaking, I went through a lot. As a kid, I went through mental health issues. I’ve been searching for something on that platform and became a therapist. 

[6:50] How did you end finding yourself in that position

We were just enjoying ourselves, and I assess to understand who I really am, and what I wanted to do. I wanted to be the light and love in the darkness. 

[8:38] First Therapy session 

I was so nervous because I was told to do 5-minute groups, but gladly no one showed up. I felt so much pressure, thrown at the fire to perform and to be something they expected me to be. And in reality, they just wanted human connection. 

[13:00] How do you get strategies during this rough time?

Taking time for yourself outside of the stress and apply little moments to enjoy the time that you have. 

[17:13] What people can perform now to help bring the stress level down? 

The idea of prayer is disconnecting from yourself and taking yourself into a higher being. The same idea disconnects from yourself, take away from your mind all the stress on this 5-minute routine. 

[19:35] Elivation 

It is a brand of what I do, rebranded it because the word therapy scares people. Creating mental health skills, confidence and making them accessible to the laymen human beings that we are. 

[22:04] What opportunity after COVID-19 do you see?

The idea of human connection will be important. Amidst what happened, we will realize that we took for granted the small things that we can do before COVID-19. 

[23:00] What promise did God make to the world when he made you? 

More joy and love to the world. 


[14:30–14:50] “Give yourself a break, because there is so much going on.” 

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