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Aww Shift

Nov 22, 2022

In today’s episode, our guest is Felicia Romero. She is a coach who helps other online coaches to sell and scale their online coaching business to create the freedom and wealth they desire. 

[4:22] Why Should I Listen to you?

First, I love meeting new people, so I'd be the person in the coffee shops talking to the person next to me.

[8:00] Can you take me back to the moments when you experienced the aww Shift moment that helped you create and build your skill set? I was a kid in School that didn't make eye contact with a teacher. I was in a perpetual state of not being wanted / side of attraction. You don't have to be confident before you show up but showing up builds confidence. For me, the first state was doing something scary in college. My path was going down a completely different way than it is now. I opened up my first gym at 22 but was a law student before that. I have a bachelor's in political science. I took my LSAT for law school & got an internship where I beat out hundreds of other students, and I got an opportunity to be an intern at the House of representatives. I got different opportunities to speak at events. It's not because I'm confident or there's some hierarchy. It's because I choose to show up even when things are difficult.

[10:36] What did you do to jump into the moment most people might be scared of?

Preparation is key. I was prepared. I had my notes and did a lot of research, but I also know that I only know some things. I also know failing is okay because it's a stepping stone to the next level. You have to also be okay with not knowing everything. You also have to be OK with everything not going to be perfect. I remember being in front of all legislators, not knowing the answer to a question, and instead of coming up with solutions, I said I don't know but would get back with the correct answer.

[13:35] What's the fearful thing you didn't see that opened up a more excellent door?

People tend to set realistic goals. They know they can make it, but they never want to think more significantly because many of us are afraid to claim our desires. It's easy to go into the limiting belief of not dreaming bigger because we fear failure. We’re scared to let ourselves down and don't think it's possible. That's why I love mastermind. I'm part of a mastermind, I host it, and I am there with women doing big things. 

[37:13] What is the unique source or particular part of you that makes what you do different from everybody? 

I wanted to help wellness fitness coaches because I was in that space. Someone who has got her car repossessed was not thriving and didn't have plans for legacy wealth. When I sold my gym, I got questions from wellness fitness coaches and made them realize they could be the CEO of their businesses and life. They can think bigger. I teach wellness coaches to hone their core values. 

[43:27] Why is it essential for someone to transit or at least add online to their repertoire?

Changing our perspective is essential. The online space is going nowhere, and one of the things holding people back is how it's so saturated, but as we discussed earlier, you are you. People are attracted to you for a reason. Why try to resist when you can just adapt? That's just entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is being flexible. When people think online, they often think of Instagram, TikTok, and social media reels, but you don't have to be like everyone else. But you shouldn't expect results if you're not creating and don't create.

[51:25] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

The promise was to be generous and kind and pour belief into people who don't believe in themselves.

Key Quotes

[16:45-16:47) The group you're in elevates your level of perception. 

[30:10-30:14] The first million is hard. The second million is inevitable. 

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