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Aww Shift

May 10, 2022

In this episode, our guest is Emmanuel Acho. He is one of New York’s Bestselling Authors and also the creator of Uncomfortable Conversations with the Blackmen.


Emmanuel Acho is part of the people who don’t set defense. He knows what he stands for and what he stands against. He is not just someone with a strong opinion but with a strong set of experiences that leads to opinions that have weight.




I picked up a football and I made it into the National Football League. I picked up a pen and I became a NO. 1 New York Best Selling Author. I picked up a microphone and I won an army. So, my works and credentials truly speak for me. I barely talk but when I do, then I must be saying something very important.




While growing up, I watched my parents work hard and progress through their hard work so I can say that is where my identity came from.

To me, success is oftentimes a more committed dedication and opportunity while luck is when operation meets opportunity. While luck is relevant without operation, it is also irrelevant without opportunity. I don’t believe my identity is in my athlete. My identity is truly in my character and work ethic.


[11:45]  Whenever things fall apart, why was it one of the most painful moments, and what do you take from it?


I learned that it is important to keep going to work, keep excelling and keep getting better. Sometimes in life, you have to choose not to see what you see. You just have to choose not to believe your eyes in some situations.


[14:13]  I do not believe in it that all your goals kind of fall apart, what is your perception about this?


Chapter 11 of  Illogical, my latest book in partnership with Oprah is called goals are dumb. Goals are stupid. If you set a goal and achieve it, congratulations but what if you could have done more?

If you set a goal and do not achieve it, you will ruin your self-esteem and self-efficacy. Instead of setting goals, have an objective with no limitations.



[22:18] Where do you know when to listen to some people?


It takes a lot of discernment. The apple air pod has a transparency function and a noise cancellation function so do we humans too. We have to ultimately live life with both. Sometimes, you have to completely cancel out any form of noise while sometimes you just have to let in some feedback so that you can improve as a human being.


[25:30]  What promise did God make to the world when he created you?


I am not super talented, or super skilled but I’m obedient and I think God’s promise is that he is going to bring forth someone obedient enough to use his skills to try to change the world.




[17:40-17:41] A goal is an end at which energy is aimed while an objective is simply energy aimed in a direction.


[20:35-20:36] All we focus on in life is what we can see and what we can quantify not realizing that some of our biggest hardship moments are unquantifiable.


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