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Aww Shift

Dec 27, 2021

In this episode, we have Emmitt Muckles on the show. Emmitt is a speaker/corporate trainer, author, and podcaster. Emmitt's goal is to teach others about conscious infinite life, the law of attraction, and the seven universal rules of living. His most recent endeavor is the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast, in which he interviews conscious creators to help people self-mind coach and feel connected to this life. Emmitt is also the author of The Journey of One, an inspiring story of Markus, a little boy transported through space and time to meet his spirit guide, One, during a horrific incident. Listen as Emmitt shares his personal experiences and visual journey of finding the concepts of living a fully conscious life on our planet.

Why should we listen to you?


Because I love you, it’s pretty simple. That's all there is to it. If you look at all of the teachings that tell us, and if you look at little kids, they immediately come at each other with love. It makes no difference to them who your parents are. They are unconcerned about your appearance. They may say things like, "You’re little stinky, but let's go play," but they adore each other. And it is to this that we must return. You should do it, and with love comes the knowledge that I am your servant. I'm here to help you with everything you require. Because, and this is where people get it wrong, they believe they must always take something from you, when in fact you must first give something. When you consider all of the world's truly successful people, you'll see that they all give some form of love. And that love looks after them.

Podcast as a Platform to Exercise Your Freedom of Speech


I podcast because it is also a form of freedom of speech. I can say what I want. And in that, I get to be my authentic self. That is one of the only places that I can genuinely be unguarded and be my authentic self because I can get with that person who might like being is that person who wants to connect, that person who wants to love, that person who wants to share their talents. One of the other reasons I started the podcast is that I realized that there are many people out here with excellent skills, and they don't have a platform or have a hard time finding a platform.

Connecting with Your Higher Self


There are two ways. And that's through meditation and prayer. And prayers when you put out what you're seeking, and get and living in gratitude, being thankful for what you have. And meditation is when you listen, it's challenging to do some time because we are disconnected from our source. But once you get it, your life will be like a flower and it will blossom.

Human Beings are Dynamic


We are the only creatures that can live in the future that we are aware of. The majority of us are living in the future. So we're already experiencing duality right now. And what I mean by living in the future is that you can not only state what you're going to do tomorrow, but you can also see it.

A Planet of Learning


This is a planet of learning on multi-dimensional levels, the physical, the spiritual, the mental, the entertainment of learning from the perspectives of others.

Key Quotes:

[11:06-11:11] “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words cannot hurt me.”

[12:38-12:44] “Whatever higher power you ascribe to, get into that because a lot of that information is there.”

[17:22-17:26] “Whatever you do, you can't do any harm, not harm. That's the first thing.”

[19:31-19:40] “Everything that we humans understand is temporary. Yeah. Our pain, our love, our joy is temporary, and it's cyclical. And it goes through its phases. “


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Book: The Journey of One