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Aww Shift

May 13, 2019

Today in the studio, Anthony has Devin Basset in the studio to talk about the power to create. Devin has pulled herself out of the “why me” stage by using exercise as her bedrock. She believes that the environment that you put yourself in plays a huge role in whether or not you achieve self-success. Your environment makes you who you are and helps you determine what your purpose is, but that does not mean you cannot change it. You can climb out of the “why me” mindset if you make a habit every single day to change your brain. Don’t be scared. Remember, being different is your power!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Devin’s story
  • Critical aspects that need to be changed to pull yourself out of the “why me” stage
  • Actual steps that Devin took to change her confidence
  • Using your scared mindset to remove fear and stress when moving forward
  • Forming good habits to start moving in the right direction
  • Staying flexible and open-minded when chasing your goals
  • Accepting responsibility for not reaching your goals
  • There has never been a time in human history like now

Links to resources:

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