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Aww Shift

Jun 19, 2019

Today in the booth, Anthony is talking to the Santillos, the owners of a few martial arts studios and authors of Resiliency Parenting. As parents themselves, they understand that parents can struggle with their children and how to handle them. At their martial arts studios, they are able to help struggling parents with their kids and finding their center. In order to prepare your kids for the tough truths of the world, you must avoid robbing them of all of their hardships. Raising your kids is a process the same that growing up is one. If you want some insight on how to fix your relationship with your kids or any struggles that you are having as a parent, check out the Santillos’ book and learn how to be a resilient parent!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The Santillo’s story
  • Preparing your kids to mentally navigate a mean world
  • Becoming a product of your parenting as a child
  • Separating the search for independence and bad behavior
  • Going beyond the physical challenge
  • Why “fix my kid” is absolutely the wrong mindset
  • Raising kids to have a functional fulfilling life
  • Having the freedom to be yourself while being a parent
  • Who can benefit from this book?
  • Negative effects of robbing your kids of all of their hardships


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