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Aww Shift

Jul 10, 2019

Plenty of people in this world have nice cars, homes, clothes, and the big time job, yet still, aren’t happy. What is it that we are all in search of that will finally make us happy? Purpose. It is what drives us through this life on the journey to find our place in this world. Taraji Rom, a life and mindset coach, is here today to tell us how and why she, through her own personal experiences, has come to help people find their purpose. Stay tuned to hear some inspiration to finally feel fulfilled!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Taraji’s story
  • Creating the life that you want, starting with the mind
  • Training your mental mind just like a muscle
  • Things that we say to ourselves that make a big difference
  • The continuous process of self-worth
  • Sifting through the people in your life to decide who helps you serve your purpose
  • Focusing on your purpose so that your passion naturally comes in
  • Taraji’s journey to mastering her mindset
  • Building habits to get to the person that we want to become


Links to resources:

The 5 Secrets to Finding Your Purpose in Life

The Alchemist


Taraji Rom

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