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Aww Shift

Jan 6, 2020

Going through the foster system can be a tough journey for young kids, but what about when they leave that system of support? As you all know, I went through the foster system myself and helping those that are in the same situation is something that I’m very passionate about. Well, my guest today, Georgie Smith, shares that same passion. Georgie created A Sense of Home, an organization that focuses on providing support to those that have aged out of their foster homes. In 5 years, A Sense of Home, along with the help of the community, has helped make over 500 houses feel like homes!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Georgie’s journey to creating A Sense of Home
  • Recognizing that we are one with everyone, not just our family
  • How an inspiring environment makes us dream bigger and be more productive
  • Creating a safe space for people to be the best version of themselves
  • Getting energy from others when you have nothing left to give
  • Keeping up with the success of the individuals that Georgie has helped
  • Managing the overwhelm of gratitude and joy from helping others
  • Turning your passion into your purpose


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