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Aww Shift

Feb 3, 2020

In life, something will always come up that is not a part of the plan. It is inevitable, so don’t expect smooth sailing the whole way. What defines you is how you respond to the adversity that hits you hard. My guest today, Amberly Lago, knows how to respond when she gets hit hard. Amberly is a speaker, a speaker, and a coach to people all over the world, hoping to teach them how to get back off when life knocks them off their horses. From being a professional dancer to becoming a personal trainer to being hit by an SUV and almost dying, Amberly has seen her fair share of adversity. We go through things every day, so make that decision to get up and tackle life’s challenges one day at a time!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Amberly’s professional bio and how she got here
  • How being hit by an SUV completely shifted Amberly’s journey
  • Climbing out of the funk or trauma that you are stuck in
  • Making the decision to get up every single day
  • Realizing that you are actually running from your own demons
  • Importance of having a great system of support around yourself
  • Knowing that there is always a way to get through


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