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Aww Shift

Feb 24, 2020

Success does not discriminate. It comes to all those that know what needs to be done. My guest today, James Whittaker, knows all about what action you need to take right now to win the day! James is an author and speaker whose mission is to show everyone around the world that anyone is capable of doing anything, as long as you have the determination. You don’t need to be on a billboard or have a million followers to be successful in your life. Live with purpose, passion, and define your own success!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Breaking down Thinking Grow Rich: The Legacy
  • James’s journey to where he is today
  • What you miss when you chase the money
  • Realizing along the way that you are climbing the wrong mountain
  • What separates a person from dreaming and achieving those dreams
  • Why there is no such thing as self-made
  • The starting point of all achievement
  • Setting up strong systems to achieve your goals
  • Finding the right coach for your mission


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Thinking Grow Rich: The Legacy

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