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Aww Shift

May 11, 2020

Growing up in foster care comes with its fair share of challenges, believe me. I know all about it, having come from the system myself. My guest today is Tige Charity, a woman who helps support and serve children in the foster care system through her charity, Kids In The Spotlight. Through her organization, she is able to provide a platform for foster children to express themselves through the arts of film making and acting. Tige hopes to be a mentor to children who just want to be loved, making the world a better place one child at a time!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • What Tige does and how she built her organization
  • Tige’s Aw Shift moment that allowed her to find her purpose
  • Making sure that the children get jobs and are successful in life
  • How Tige’s vision has evolved from the original thought to today
  • Struggles and objections that constantly get in the way
  • Different ways to support Kids In The Spotlight


Links to resources:

Check out Tige’s organization, Kids In The Spotlight, and see how you can make a difference!

Follow Kids In The Spotlight on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Text to donate: 818-239-7010

Donate on Cashapp and Venmo: @kitsinc

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