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Aww Shift

Jun 1, 2020

My guest today is Tommy Breedlove, a man that grew up in a dysfunctional household full of violence and abuse, eventually losing his college scholarships when he committed a violent crime. After he was released from jail, he went through dark times dealing with his demons and eventually made the shift that led him to become a coach and write the USA Today best-selling book, Legendary. Remember, diamonds are forged under pressure, so whatever your situation, you can make something beautiful!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Tommy’s journey from jail to a USA Today best-selling author
  • Lessons that Tommy learned from his time in jail
  • How business became the direction that Tommy chose
  • Reaching people that don’t know when to ask for help
  • 4 tools that can help catapult you to success and happiness
  • The journey and motivation that led to Tommy writing Legendary
  • Disruptions to life caused by the current pandemic
  • Participate in your own rescue during these times of despair


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