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Aww Shift

Jul 6, 2020

The greatest way to help others live to their full potential is to first become the best version of yourself. My guest today is Hal Elrod, the best selling author of The Miracle Morning, a book that focuses on winning the morning.  For the past 3 years, Hal has been battling a rare form of cancer and the chemotherapy has caused drastic side effects with his mental state. Though he faces one of the greatest challenges in life, he focuses on gratitude and stays thankful every day. You can use your adversity, even if you are in the midst of it, to help lead others through their life challenges!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Hal’s journey from the brink of death to international success
  • Sources of motivation for the miracle morning state of mind
  • Knowing that someone is genuinely there for you makes it easy to connect
  • As parents, we sometimes try to control our kids too much
  • Staying hopeful in the face of a pandemic and recession
  • 6 practices to win the morning and feel amazing
  • Dig down to your “why” and how you are going to achieve your goal
  • See yourself doing what you need to do before you do it


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