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Aww Shift

Oct 19, 2020

Nobody lives without fear, but learning to live with it will help everyone get through these scary times. My guest today is Patrick Sweeney, the first, second guest on the show. Patrick is back on the show after a crazy year. After 6 years of research, Patrick’s book, Fear Is Fuel, finally launched just in time to get shut down by the global pandemic. Now, Patrick is living in France and planning his next moves now that COVID has changed his plans!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • How COVID has affected the launch of Patrick’s book
  • Living abroad as an American during the pandemic
  • Looking at the state and federal responses to the shutdown
  • Understanding how the fear center works in the human brain
  • What people can do to adjust their fear response
  • Breaking down the science of bottoms-up information
  • We can make a decision in two ways
  • Teaching other people how to use fear in a productive fashion
  • 2 things that people need to know when trying to channel fear
  • How you respond to fear is a choice


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