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Aww Shift

Dec 11, 2020

One thing that cannot be disputed and has been proven scientifically is the fact that everything is energy. My guest today is Christy Whitman, a New York Times best-selling author, celebrity coach, and a Law of Attraction expert. After moving to Chicago and getting the great high-paying job that she thought would make her happy, Christy felt empty and unhappy inside. She knew that there had to be more to life and decided to make a shift that brought her that inner success that she was looking for!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Breaking down the Law of Attraction and how it works
  • We are responsible for how we feel every day
  • What makes up who we really are as humans
  • Reasons that most people give in to their fear of failure
  • Christy’s Aw Shift moments that led her to where she is today
  • Creating our own reality by changing the negative thoughts
  • Finding the tipping point of satisfaction
  • Diving into the Quantum Success Academy
  • You cannot out create your self-identity
  • Different ways to express ourselves in a positive manner
  • Christy’s free online program to change your vocab


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