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Aww Shift

Jul 12, 2022

In this episode, our guest is Jen Sincero. She is an American writer, speaker, and success coach. She's one of New York's Bestselling authors. She's also known for the "You are a badass book series." Today, we will unravel why she started writing, how her journey was, and ultimately learn from her.

[1:35]Why should I listen to you?

I believe that certain people resonate with others, so I found that my books have been successful because my readers resonate with how I write. 

[3:07]How did you find your voice and confidence?

Keep writing. Finding a writer's voice isn’t easy, but you’ve got to keep doing it. If I like something or I find it funny, I put it into writing. I also have a rule that if something is too scary or vulnerable for me to say, then I have to put that into writing.

[3:07]How did you find your voice and confidence?

Nobody wants to read something from a guru or somebody who is entirely unrelatable. They feel you can relate to the trenches if you’ve been to the channels. They think they can relate to you if you’ve experienced what they are going through. I’m all for privacy as well for the private person, I don’t capture everything, but if it’s something that I’m scared to share because it is so true and makes me look stupid, I put it in too.

[5:07]How did you guide people through that?

Well, my whole journey started around money because I had a lot of things going on in my life, so I was always broke. So in my 40s, I was living in an alley, a garage, and driving a car. Being broke is boring, and each time, I feel disturbed because I know I can achieve more. Then, I started focusing on making money. Permitting myself to make money was the first step, and I write a lot about that in all my books. 

[7:55]How did you come out of the broke mentality because most people don't?

The first step was that I made the decision to make money, and I think that is so important. What people do is a fake decision. People make decisions, but when it gets hard, they begin to compile excuses of why they don’t need to do it. An actual decision means you’re looking for ways, not reasons not to do it. So, that was my first decision, and I started to read money books and self-help books even though I was afraid. I started attending money seminars and hired a coach, which was a big piece.

[10:12]What were some of the biggest obstacles your coach helped you to overcome mentally to start making money?

I returned to the bank to return my credit card, and my coach said, this could be the most essential $7000 I’ve ever spent, and just do everything I say. She promised to stick right by my side to get me where I wanted to be, so it was a financial investment and doing every terrifying thing my coach told me to do. She told me that I had only two options which were broke and cool or rich and cheesy. I still found my marketing voice, so I signed up for classes. My focus was on making money, so the longer I wrote my marketing stuff, the more I found my authentic voice.

[13:30]Did your books do well as expected?

I was a writer before I was doing any other things. So when I started reading all the self-help books, my write-up was exciting and was like taking all this information and putting it in a different voice but also sharing my journey. If my broke ass can get rich, then other people can.

[14:30]In your journey, what were the other kinds of stuff that you uncovered beyond it?

I wrote badass habits at the pandemic's peak, and I am today. Your habits create a reality. Your thoughts create your belief. Your belief creates your actions, your action creates your patterns, and your habits create a reality. If you are broke and you keep making brokeass decisions, that is your reality. Most of our habits are unconscious, so wellness is the first step in any transformation. Becoming aware of your bad habits and consciously working on them. It said, "I can't afford it" to "I can do it." When I was intentional about making more money, I had to discard the negative belief about money. What comes out of our life comes into our life.

[21:20] What do you say to people scared of not being accepted?

A lot of my friends supported me. Some didn't, and I had to let go of them. If they are not ready to support my growth, I should let go of them.

[22:50] What should be the next step in finding real friends?

Reading books, educating yourself, attending entrepreneurship programs, coaching classes, and so on will help you meet new people.

[24:20] What are the anchor points of everything you discuss?

Try out crazy and amazing things. Do something crazy in the direction of what you want to create. You are still in your comfort zone if you are not doing crazy things.

[30:00] How do you create something that will make you know your infernal values?

The truth is you've to be excited. If you are not excited, others won't be excited. When I started my online business, I didn't know what I was doing, but I still did it anyway. Even though I didn't know what to teach or how to teach, I gave it a trial. 

[39:22] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

I think God should answer that.

Key Quotes

[2:43-2:46] If people don't know you enough to dislike you, they will never know you enough to love you.

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