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Aww Shift

Aug 25, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Jennifer Watson, an integrative physical therapist, health and soul and leadership coach, breakthrough & inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about working with high-achieving women & men to achieve the health and the leadership they truly desire, post-trauma, and assisting this process through the healing power of mental wellness, your unique soul power, and your badass scars. Today, she is going to share how she wants to elevate the minds of conscious business leaders to unleash their full potential. 

[05:29] Why should we listen to you?

I actually want you to see the lighting that's more powerful than you probably ever realized before. And how I do that, and how I've done it in my journey, I've been working on that, holding that for a lot of years, and tapped into a lot of tools to get myself there and help others get there faster than I did.

[06:25] Where did you get the skills you work with? How did you figure it out?   

I've been an integrative physical therapist for 20 plus years, had a couple of different brick-and-mortar businesses. And what I found in working with people is obviously there's more than a physical component to wellness. And I started tapping into all areas of wellness including emotional, mental, spiritual, and I found when I did that in my practice, that not only help people heal but optimize their peak performance. But where I saw a piece that was missing and what I started getting into about three, four years ago, is the coaching aspect of creating the mental edge of getting people on a change to create mental edge together.

[08:36] Do you find that through your journey you've ever kind of been in a jar?

Yes. this is why believe in coaches because people can see objectively where you're at and actually could learn that from your team. When you're the leader of the team, you have to be humble enough to take in what they're seeing as well. True mastery of life and creating a mental edge is understanding that you're never in full mastery until you're six feet under.



[10:06] What is the journey?

I was planning my death around tax season because I thought it'd be less paperwork for my family. I was suffering. I was actually just a caged animal in my mind. I really got to that rock bottom. But once I got to actually see the pureness of who I really was because everything else had to be taken away in my journey, I had to take away the money. I had to take away the success of being an athlete. I had to take away everything that I thought made up me that actually was part of my depression story, and realize who I was, my identity. And I had to reach out to a lot of coaches and get support to make my way. It took a few months, maybe even some years to refine to get to the other side. I've healed my brain. 

[12:45] What do you think are some of the things that you learn from those moments?

I am enough. You really have to take that from your head. But we always have it up here in our head, but to take it 12 inches down to the heart and say, Yes, I am enough. And I think we really have to get to this space of knowing we are truly enough. I'm in this flow because I get enough. And I'm also at the right time, at the right place doing enough. And when you get that second component, I find it that just beautifully rises itself into this powerhouse person you can be and create the impact you want.

[15:11] What would you say you’re true identity?

My true identity starts core with my spiritual identity, my spiritual currency and my spiritual currency writes in with my co-creation with the Creator, which is God in Jesus Christ. That's where my identity starts all the time. I am a passionate leader that wants to help leaders be better leaders, that is truly my passion in this state, and is part of my identity.



[16:55] What's kind of the typical process for someone to work through their life?

A lot of things have been triggered in us. We've heard this before, old wounds, old traumas, old beliefs, old scars all want one old behavior. And what I say to all my coaching clients, this has been a beautiful year to let all that cheezy come up, whatever is triggering you, that's where I start with you. You have to be willing to contrast, you have to be willing to play with a lot of different things. And then third, we start then refining your craft. Once you find out what you're good at and what you love, then we start refining it, whether it be in personal goals that you have, professional goals. When you're on the inside of the bottle, no matter how much of an expert you are in different things, you need someone to help you out in that space.

[22:39]  What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That I can influence in the most inspiring way that I could and that I would live my life fully every single day

Key Quotes

[19:01-19:04] “Entrepreneurship is a gateway to your spirituality and your identity.”

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