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Aww Shift

Nov 30, 2021

In today's episode, our guest is Joseph Fung, serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Kiite-a sales enablement software. He concentrates on the organization's strategic strategy as well as the software's vision. Joseph was previously the Director of Digital Media at The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the President/CEO of Lewis Media, a web software company that specialized in marketing and design solutions.

[8:23] Why should I listen to you?

You're probably going to hear me rambling on about another crazy life-changing story from one simple student who becomes a CEO. I love to talk about changing the world. And I want to see what these people are doing, and wow, it's inspiring.

[9:01] Learning of Students

We have a sales Bootcamp. We help people who want to get into tech. And we open that door by teaching them some of the fundamentals of how you sell technology. Most of our grads are stepping into sales, customer success roles at software companies and just killing it. We teach them about how tech companies and leaders speak, talk, think about their business.

[12:42] Best Practices in a company

Teaching sales is like learning to play the piano: It's not the knowledge. It's about practice. Be authentic as you're selling, how to share yourself in your selling. Most people get storytelling wrong, and they do it to do it too long, or they make themselves the hero.


It comes down to stopping trying to persuade and getting the wrong opportunities out of your pipeline.


When people hear sales, they think Wolf of Wall Street. They believe men; they thought columns for closers. If you're trying to persuade everyone, you're going to fail yourself in the company. Figure out if there's a real problem that you can solve. If you don't solve the real problem, stop trying to persuade them.

[19:00] Journey to be a great company.

An immigrant to the U.S. was told he had to leave the country due to visa changes. He moved to San Diego and did an internship in logistics. Halfway through the program, he was offered a job in Toronto. He did four times his first one's quota. So they jacked it up 50%, and he did three times that quota. Now he's selling AI technologies. He's a great entry into tech. He can do better. He can get a better role with better pay.

[21:27] Selling Software.

The program showed so much care and heart for her classmates, for the markets she might be prospecting into. She ended up landing a role at a company that sells small business accounting software. Every day, she chats with entrepreneurs. It helps them buy more time for their families. And so she hears from our customers that they get to go home early on Friday, instead of fussing around with the receipts in the shoe box.

[23:12] Next thing inline

Tech company that helps companies build their sales teams shares his story. His sister, a professional personal trainer, wanted to get into tech but didn't get the foot in the door. The pair decided to run an open call education session for people who wish to join the tech industry.


The session was so successful. They decided to give their software away for free and run a tech school to learn about the business. There's just a bit of translation work necessary for all these companies who desperately want to hire great people. And there's this great imbalance here, people who want to get in tech, and the doors open for them.

[28:48] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I think they made the promise to my parents, that this kid is willing to work his butt off to be the best, most successful person he can be.

Key Quotes

[15:47-15:51] “Stop trying to persuade them. Stop trying to convince them because you're wasting your own time.”

[17:32-17:40] “When people aren't comfortable letting go when they're really fearful. They need every deal to close. That's when they start to make bad decisions.”


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