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Aww Shift

Apr 30, 2021

In today’s episode, our guests are Kathryn and Michael Redman, Founders of Half a Bubble Out Advertising. For more than 18 years in the business industry, Kathryn and Michael are in pursuit of helping small and upcoming business owners to find something fulfilling on their passion while making a profit out of it. Together, they created the book “Fulfilled”, to lay the blueprint of a successful business. Today, Kathryn and Michael will share with us how to a make profit out of your passion.


[10:35] Why should we listen to you?

[Michael] Being married for 27 years, doing business for 18 years, and has survived the Great Recession, we have grown not just one but two seven-figure businesses in two different markets. If you want to learn about profitable business, serving others, and achieve personal fulfillment in doing so, we are the people you want to ask. 


[12:01] How did you get into the business?

[Kathryn] I have not originated in a business-oriented family. Michael and I had worked together on our previous careers and we discovered how we loved working together. There’s incredible mutual respect and giftings that we have discovered between the two of us and we have a clear recognition that the success we have achieved, is independent of one another.


[14:06] [Michael] There were some dynamics that we need to value people if we wanted to do business. We want to grow ourselves with the company and the people that we cared about. We should not be irresponsible if we want to build the company out of trust, competence, and character.


[18:28] Navigating difficulties

[Michael] Turnover rate has been one of the biggest expenses in corporate America and people have created the notion of building as much experience as can. Retraining employees are way too expensive because of this myth.

[19:34] Because we value people, quality, and accountability, we have clients that stick around us for a long time. Your client will value your competency for a lifetime.

[20:35] [Kathryn] Treating people and having an excellent interpersonal-relationship is enjoyable. Valuing relationships allowed us to be in a place of peace and encourage us to go back to an environment that people would enjoy.


[25:02] Faith

[Kathryn] Faith is critical to who we are, our life, and our identity. One can be a stained or clear glass where; a stained glass is leaving it all to faith that binds you while a clear glass is to focus on the values and practicality. We opted for the clear glass because it would be hard for people to follow with faith as the barrier towards learning.

[26:18] [Michael] Faith has influenced our philosophy, core values, and business decisions in every part of our business.


[27:50] Fulfilled

[Michael] We could not find any book that allowed us to make a profitable business that integrates core values and leadership development. Our book is the reflection of what we learned over the years and how to utilize the most out of our gifts, talents, and skills.


[30:19] [Kathryn] some so many people are hard-pressed choosing between profit and passion. We encountered many people who lose their dreams because of the lack of provision or there is too much and it led to the destruction of a relationship.


[32:14] In a sense, we want to create a mini-MBA for entrepreneurs. It’s a passionate provision model that states the six areas that you need to focus on to achieve the minimum working competency to be successful in running a business.


[35:08] What promise did God make to the world, when he created you?

[Kathryn] That there would be someone in the room who could crack a joke when tension rose.


[35:51] [Michael] There is somebody to help you through the paradoxes in life and navigate valleys.


Key Quotes:

[10:49 – 10:52] “Business is a privilege and an honor. It’s a good thing to serve people.”

[15:34 – 15:39] “We are each other’s best friends and holding each other accountable, things go a lot smoother.”

[35:34 – 35:39] “There are things in life that may seem opposite, but they are both true.”

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