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Aww Shift

Mar 26, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Ken Joslin, Owner of the Ken Joslin Group, 10X coach, Grant Cardone Licensee, and a real estate professional. He is a driven leader who has sold hundreds of millions in real estate and mortgages. In 2019, Ken finished in the top half of 1% out of 3,725 Realtors. He is a former pastor that has planted multiple churches and mentored hundreds.  He is passionate about businesses and changing lives. More than that, Ken is a generous husband, father, and friend. Today, he is going to share with us about his Gross Stack Drive program.

[7:25] Why should we listen to you?

I’m passionate about helping people win. I love helping people, understand the value of being significant in other people’s lives. 

[8:07] I get to love all people and add value to and encourage people.

[11:10] Gross Stack Drive

We have three legs of Gross Stack Drive. We help people crush limiting beliefs, create winning strategies, and champion a culture of leadership. Those are the three things that help people not only to be successful but significant in life and business.

[11:26] Crush Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is something that prohibits you from seeing the potential of your future. It’s about robbing someone of their hope or eroding someone of their excitement for their future. We can’t see hope and potential in our future because we deal with limiting beliefs. 

[12:10] We deal with 6 limiting beliefs - fear, insecurity, scarcity, shame, comparison, and success. We teach people to identify, remove and replace.

[12:50] A lot of times we don’t get into action or we don’t get into motion because we’re fearful. We don’t want to fail. There’s fear, there’s insecurity. Do I have what it takes? So we teach people throughout our coaching program. 

[14:42] What’s the next step?

We want those limiting beliefs to be identified, removed, and replaced. The way to replace them is affirmations. What am I saying and speaking to myself? 

[16:14] A new affirmation came for me. I will live a life where my heart and my head are in alignment. Why is that important? The heart is where I dream. The heart is where I vision. It’s where I paint the picture of what I want my future and my reality will look like. 

[16:50] My head is where my belief system is. My belief system is what determines my actions, not my heart. People have so many limiting beliefs. They don’t realize that they’re there, they, in turn, can’t move forward.

[17:17] Creating Winning Strategies

We have 5 core values – passion, focus, intentionality, tangibility, flexibility. 

[17:34] We use those five core values to help people create winning strategies personally, professionally, and financially. 

[17:57] How do people struggle at the far end when making strategies?

[18:29] That strategy is coming out of your heat. If you don’t have that mindset correct, and you don’t have your belief systems wind up with those strategies, that belief system is what determines your actions. Your actions do not come from your strategies your actions don't come from whatever you're dreaming. They come from how your belief system and your brain is wired in what you believe. 

[19:31] Importance of Relationships 

If you get that relationship component right, it will help your mindset because you’re around people who would challenge you. Community gives us encouragement, and it brings you accountability. In a healthy thriving community, accountability feels like encouragement. 

[22:49] How do you tell people to keep score of life?

There’s a couple of ways. We talk about personal, professional, and financial goals. 

[23:57] We bring that balance and we make sure that we bring appointments with the ones we need to make appointments with. 

[27:26] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That He would create a man who is passionate for His creation to identify purpose and potential in people, being able to call that out that they see and understand that there’s more in them than they actually realize what’s in them.

Key Quotes

[10:05-10:08] “If you add value for people, you’ll make more money.”

[20:08-20:13] In a healthy thriving community, accountability feels like encouragement.”

[23:59-24:02] “..we make sure that we bring appointments with the ones we need to make appointments with.”

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