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Aww Shift

May 28, 2021

Kyle Depiesse – Reaching Beyond Experience 

In this episode our guest is Kyle Depiesse, He is an experience creater and the founder of reaching beyond experience. Kyle is a very curious person and will help us know how to ask the right questions and share his secret on connecting with other people. 

[6:23] Why should anybody listen to you? 

I ask questions, I ask what's interesting I think about me is I always try and ask questions. And I really enjoy conversations because I'm really asking questions just to be curious.

[7:37] Where did it came from? 

I am introverted, if I can ask questions, that means I don't have to talk about myself. I really started to dive into my personal growth journey, probably five, six years ago. And I started with reading a lot John Maxwell.

[12:00] Your Aww Shift Moment

I found early on that I enjoyed facilitating to people, whether it was information, knowledge, skills, tools, anything to do helping someone learn something new. I needed to surround myself with people that could see that in me and pull that out of me and send me in the right direction.

[14:23] Reaching out to people 

It is on a concept of Trojan Horse but not in a manipulative way, you show them this really fun experience, give them what they want, but you really feed them what they need.

[18:20] We usually develop themes on each experience and feed them what they specifically need in that moment in that experience.

[21:29] Being Burned Out

Burnout in your professional life doesn't just affect your professional life, it seeps into every aspect of your life. 

[23:00] Joining you in your getaways

I think the number one thing for that is humility, are they going to do nothing but try and take from the group, or they also going to give to the group?

[24:46] What does the world need?

It's connection. I think as humans, we crave connection. And I think some of that isn't there and hasn't been there and people are needing it. 

[28:41] What Promise Did God Gave to the world when he made you?

I'm going to use your story to connect other people. And that's what I'm going to go with. I'm using your story to connect other people.



[13:00 -13:20] “I need to follow my gut and my instinct, my instinct and where I think, you know, come on man of faith where I think God is leading me. And it doesn't matter what that person had said.”


To get more information on Kyle and his work go to the following links: