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Aww Shift

Jan 20, 2022

Guesting on this episode is Europe's number one self-mastery mentor, mindset trainer, international best-selling author, and award-winning speaker Mahima Lucille Klinge. Mahima was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in Switzerland. She has dedicated her entire adult life to mastering the skill of joyful living in the present moment and sharing what she has learned. Mahima's mindsets training and workshops restore energetic, peaceful, balanced, and optimistic people who are stressed out physically, mentally, and emotionally. Mahima offers a one-of-a-kind approach to discovering your genius and real calling in life using a combination of exclusive tools and techniques. Tune in as Mahima talks about the importance of Meditation and Mindset.

[08:08] Why should I listen to you?

You should pay attention to me because I talk from the heart and personal experience. I try to practice what I preach. I have two and a half decades of unique development material from when people were pursuing master's degrees, PhDs, or other pieces of paper that would help them in life.

[08:48] For many years, I sat in an ashram in India, meditating six hours a day because I had discovered my passion, something that could help me transcend my limited thinking and experience. Something much more beautiful and empowering, which enabled me to create a great deal of beauty in my life.

[11:03] How did you become the person you are today, knowing all the hurdles you had to jump over to get to where you are right now?

I'll begin by telling you about my great-grandmother. She grew up in Africa, where there was no running water or electricity. She never left the area, lived for over 90 years, and died there. My grandfather, on the other hand, desired more for himself. He resolved to walk from Zimbabwe to South Africa, from the heart of Africa to the nature of Africa. Consider the distance he had to travel to obtain what he desired, even if there are dangers, particularly in animals in Africa, which contribute to the deaths of many people.

[12:26] My grandfather was the first member of our family to escape the heart of Africa with running water, and he did it by moving to the suburbs, where he and my grandmother met. My mother, on the other hand, went as far as she could in her schooling. However, she did not attend university, opting instead for high school education. And they began their career as a nurse.

[13:04] Mahima is born into a world where her father disappears, which was rather typical in those days; it wasn't uncommon for a man to vanish and abandon his children, and I've never heard from my father since. As a result, Mahima is only related to her grandmother and mother.

[14:36] Mahima's family was similarly raised as Roman Catholics. She received a Roman Catholic education, including beatings. She had all of these things happen to her at the age of 14, but she managed to break away because she began modeling at a young age. Mahima got noticed in Zimbabwe and started earning money more money than anybody else in her family made. It enabled her to leave home at 16 since she thought the setting was no longer suitable for her.

[15:33] Mahima became aware of the damage caused by years of abuse and trauma when she married at 21. She married the Swiss guy, and he demonstrated how disoriented she was; how far removed she was from loving, respecting, and feeling comfortable in her flesh. She was unaware that she was that untidy until she entered into a relationship. That relationship ended although they lived in a magnificent house with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi - all the things that should indicate that you have a husband, a beautiful home, you have accomplished something, and it will make you happy. None of it brought her happiness. In fact, she was more wretched than she had ever been.

[16:49] How do we get to the point of the Mahima mindset? Where does that all come to start budding and growing into what it is now?

By luck, life brought me to India. I found myself in an Ashram in India; I was not looking for anything. I knew nothing about ashrams or Indian gurus. I had no idea what this entire scene was about. However, a friend saw my state and suggested, "Before you do anything else, go there." This ashram is teeming with incredible people from all over the world. All of whom are thoroughly judging the space. I'm wondering what these individuals are doing here. It is all absurd. The teachers have died and are viewing videos, but they're all crammed in like a thousand people in this enormous hole.

[17:54] As soon as the dead guru began speaking in the video, I stopped feeling that everything the person was saying was directed at me. I have this icy sensation of the hair at the back of my neck sticking up. And I begin to feel as if I agree with everything he says. It's as though he's staring directly at me. And speaking now to me was the oddest thing. However, I had no idea how to meditate. I closed my eyes and immediately felt at ease. I began to feel the expansion. I began to feel myself shifting away from the negativity that had been my typical state of Consciousness and toward the most profound form of consciousness. That is what I refer to as my awakening. Because I was so deeply ensconced in this peaceful realm, the hole was empty when I opened my eyes.

[18:53] All of the thousands of people who had gathered had left, but I remained. Simply put, I was more at ease than I had ever been in my life. I had no idea what had happened. That day marked the start of my stay at the Ashram. As a result, I was lonely. I had no one to talk to. I went back to my hotel room and promptly fell asleep. The first thing I did when I awakened the following day was closing my eyes. I wanted to stay there since it had been such a beautiful moment of peace. I closed my eyes for two hours and meditated. I then went to the Ashram. And I found myself becoming increasingly engrossed in everything going on there.

[19:50] While others struggled with meditation and sitting still, this young 22-year-old could sit for hours simply holding space, exploring my consciousness, exploring what it felt like to feel powerful and peaceful. To let that energy flow through you, dissolving fear, dissolving smallness, dissolving anger, pain, and confusion, all of which dissolve in the face of our true nature, which is our soul essence. That is how it evolved. It was merely a chance, but I took advantage of it. I feel that some of us are given opportunities in life. However, we passed up those opportunities. But I clutched all those opportunities with both freaking hands and surfed that wave until today.

[20:57] How did you start finding the ways to go back to the world that allowed you to become a leader who makes a living, helping other people live better?

After six months at this Ashram with the teacher who died, I felt as if I needed a teacher in his body. I wanted someone with whom I could dig and ask questions, such as what is all this enlightenment nonsense, and so on. I was able to comprehend everything fully.

[21:19] So I went to this other location where the teacher was still alive, with a smaller crowd. When I arrived, the guy stated that I had met the person and that a few minutes later, I was invited to this small room where he would meet with new individuals. And he told me in the first meeting, you're going to offer Satsang, and he laughed because Satsang back then meant these sessions where people would sit and ask him questions, and he would support and help them.

[21:54]When it came to meditation, I found it to be effortless. In that first meeting, he saw something in me that I couldn't have seen or even thought of, so that was the first seed of this concept. I believe because I had a distinct talent. So he planted that seed, and when he died five years later, it was crystal clear to me that it was time to share what I had learned. And I could tell I had learned a lot because I had so much more laughter, joy, and enjoyment in my life, and I could make bold decisions and do new things. I was able to pick up on those messages by going into my head and listening to my heart and following the counsel of my soul.

[23:24] I was invited to Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, and Italy. All of these different countries just happened to be asking me, and they were organizing the events, and all I had to do was fly and be there, and then they would do it on a donation basis, and then they would give me the money that people donated. That's how I got started. That's when my gift began.

[24:35] What are the things that you're creating that you're excited about that help people?

I'm looking forward to seeing more leaders worldwide who have realized the strength that lies within their hearts. My purpose is to help others feel peaceful, powerful, and joyous in the present moment, regardless of what is going on around them. It's your right as a human being. You were born as that essence, and you will leave as that essence to feel love, be grounded, and feel plentiful.

[25:12] Assisting others in returning to themselves and then urging them to share that message throughout the world through their example. Allowing yourself and doing your passion in life, is a component of that example. So, instead of being, "Look, I'm just going to make money and have my passion over here," how can you make that work? I believe that more people should be earning money doing what they enjoy. But it all starts with performing the inner work to remove the negative thoughts that you can't, that you can't be one of those individuals, that it's just for a select few.

[26:07] I'm interested in inspiring individuals to tap into their actual potential and a powerful mission, which is something they're passionate about, altering, changing, and being a part of a positive global discourse and elevated space that they build in themselves, and then in their communities.

[27:29] My mission is to awaken more people to their potential and power and empower them to share it with the rest of the world. I love the notion of constructing "centers" around the world where people can come together physically in a physical space to heal, transform, enlighten, and play, as well as share ideas and initiatives. So I'd want to adopt the Mahima approach and open up a few locations throughout the world, in nature, and perhaps also in some major cities where people need what we do and meet people personally. Everyone will, indeed, be online, but in my vision, we do online, but then we go on spectacular excursions offline.

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