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Aww Shift

Jan 23, 2022

Life is a finite resource. That is a universal truth, however some of us find it difficult to accept the fact that we shall all face death at some point in our lives. But what if your life is about to come to an end? What are the lasting impressions that people have of you when they think of you? Maya Comerota discusses how to live your legacy in today's world in this episode.

[08:18] Why should we listen to you?

So, I believe the first reason is that I would most likely make you chuckle because anything I'm saying to you is probably just that I like to have a good time and like life in general. As a result, I expect that what I'm doing is a reaction to something happening right now. I enjoy sharing the truth all of the time, the truth of who we are and who we are becoming. As a result, I believe that would be entirely natural. When we hear the truth, I think we pay attention. I've always wanted to let truth flow through me. It's not about knowledge or information; it's about being human, designed to be on this planet. 

[10:30] When you say your truth, what does that mean to you? What are your facts from life lift?

I'll distinguish between speaking the truth and speaking my truth. And what I think a lot of people mean when they say, "Speak your truth," is that there's an energy behind it that's like, "My message and the thing I have to get through." When I say speak the truth, I mean that I want to be a conduit for whatever it is that wants to come through me. We all have filters, but I strive to remove my filter and bias to tap into truth truly. And I believe there is a distinction between a universal truth and what constitutes truth. I think it is free of prejudice and genuinely open to the truth of who we are and why we are the way we are.

[11:44] Through your journey of life, what are the truths, you've come to find that you share?

We have significantly more power than we realize. We're a force of nature like you're a force of nature, and I'm a force of nature, is how I explained it. And we can only be a force of nature if we connect ourselves with natural forces. We learn this via many challenges we face in life, especially when we don't think we have anything else in us. After that, you get through it.

[14:45] I think that everything happens for us, through us, and for us. Yeah. And, as I'm sure you're aware, we frequently judge others for their mistakes or actions when we recognize that these are, in fact, opportunities for us to learn and grow. And, and so much learning occurs during those extremely humbling moments. As far as I'm aware, I am the person I am right now because there were times when I thought, "I don't truly like the person I am right now." I need to alter my behavior.

[15:57] When you can see somebody, Let's say they're not living that truth, what do you do with that? Do you not say anything?

I believe it is situational. However, as many of you are aware, I enjoy discussing the invitation. I welcome individuals to live a bigger, bolder, braver, and more beautiful life, just as I invite diverse experiences. I realized that my role was not to alter them but to welcome them into experiences to discover their transformation. And, I believe, understanding when it is your responsibility to support them and when it is someone else's. And I think that frequently, particularly with the people we love the most, it is not our function; there are attachments to it being us that we may draw into another. Thus, my singular approach is to mark people into experiences and show them things that excite their curiosity.

[18:59] So your company, it's 528 H z Inc. Is that correct?

520 HC is a trademark of hertz Inc. That, my friends, is the frequency. Thus, 528 is the frequency of love. I spent 15 years as a biotech business executive. And when I left my biotech career, which was after I met you, I was no longer this person, this title, and this role that I had held for 15 years. And there was a part of me that understood love was the answer, that if we're all operating from a place of love, which means a lot of different things to me, but if we're all working from that, I titled my firm 520-hertz sync, knowing that no one would understand what it meant.

[20:08] Is that true that there is like a love frequency?

There are a lot of different vibrations and frequencies; for example, bliss is a specific frequency, joy is a certain frequency, and love is a particular frequency.

[22:10] When you come in, you know your company at 528. And you know, the, obviously, the wavelength of love. How does this tie in? And how do you get people to do this? How do you step out there living in it than just opposed to just leaving it? 

I suppose, stems from my personal story: shortly before I quit my corporate position as part of this identity transformation, I had a terrible automobile accident. As the automobiles soar through the air, I hear this, I hear and feel this voice saying, "You have not accomplished what you came here to accomplish." And by that point, I've spent 15 years as a corporate leader, I've established three multibillion-dollar firms, and I've led a team of 300. That is, I had accomplished so much; I had a husband and a son and all of these things, and yet I felt visceral that I had failed to achieve what I came here to accomplish. The level of remorse I felt in that moment in that car made me realize how much I've accomplished in my life. And I have not accomplished what I came here to accomplish. Observing and feeling remorse is perhaps one of the most terrible emotions I've experienced near the end of my life. And I haven't completed what God sent me here to do, as if there was something I was supposed to accomplish. That was my first conversation with God. I said, if I make it out of here, I'll be here now. I will be the woman I meant to be; I don't even know who that is yet. I've got to figure it out. I left my career and then, you know, part of my company, the very foundation of the work that I do with people is if you have hours to live, what do you make? What do you want to make sure you share with the world? Asked this question, I take people through an experience. It's an experiential process of putting them in the moment of just hours, so now what is the message and what's the story of your life that you're like you must that is tied to that message. I help people distill what they genuinely believe, and then once they have their core belief system, they understand the story in this message that they want to share with others. And now it becomes very uncomfortable not to live that message.

[25:44] Do you come up against yourself? Current or like the person in the future?

Both. I mean, you're, you're diving into this, it's this future identity. When they told me that they were going to fold the company, and it was a threat. I don't think it was appropriate, but it was a threat. And I sat with myself to say, who would I need to be not to be defined by somebody else? To not have anybody control that and I created this persona of myself, I'm like, I'm a gazillionaire. And I would want, I'll walk away and say, keep the change. And I created this persona. And I said, within 12 months, I'll walk away, and they can keep it all they can have my life savings, but they cannot have me. The thing that I support people with is harnessing the extraordinary mental faculties that we have because we have cognitive faculties that are very special like we are God's highest form of creation. And we have the opportunities to imagine and Intuit and perceive and reason and have will not willpower and our ability to have memory not only from the past but also from the future.

[29:45] If I want to send people to you, where do I send them? is an excellent location for my website or, as you may know, social media. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook as Maya Comarota.

[30:05] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

That by reminding myself of who I truly am, I will inspire others to do the same.


Key Quotes

[19:27 – 19:28] "There was a part of me that just knew love was the answer."

[24:38 - 24:47] "I help people to distill what is it that you truly believe, and then once they have that, they've got their core belief system."


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