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Aww Shift

May 31, 2022

In this episode, our guest is Ryan Blair. He is a father, husband, and business leader who was able to navigate craziness into impacting millions of lives.

He has successfully created something that impacted millions of lives not just from the aspect of the business but from the heart. He is now in the direction of taking what he has experienced, and what he has learned and bringing it to the world of entrepreneurship and humanity.

[3:10] Why should we listen to you?

I speak from love and when I talk to people, I do it with love. Love is my energy. My energy is love and so when I speak to people, I speak with love.

[5:26] What is the story that progressed you to the level that you are right now?

I grew up in a household with low vibration. I had a difficult childhood, growing up in an atmosphere where my basic needs were not provided. I last saw my father when I was 13 years old. My mother struggled with alcoholism. I was dissatisfied, but I eventually channeled my urge to be powerful into a street brawl.

I was imprisoned for four years. I wrote the judge a letter appealing for mercy when I was 17 years old. The court signed the letter, I was freed, and that was the start of a new progression in my life.

[7:38] What was the reason why you wrote the letter?

I wasn't a good writer, and I had a hard time spelling, but I was determined to speak with the judge. What I told him was that I accepted responsibility for my mistakes and expressed regret, as well as writing to the judge pleading with him to release the other convicts out of love. He read the letter and agreed to let me go to college, but cautioned me that if he saw me again, I would be sent to prison. I had to adjust my entire life at that time.

[9:44] What was the moment you decide to venture into entrepreneurship?

I was assigned to a mentor who was a successful entrepreneur. My father came from a working-class family. All three classes had been seen by me. The poor, the wealthy, and the middle class, which was where I started.

I made the decision to become an entrepreneur at one time. I understood I didn't need to be a lawyer or a doctor before I can employ others.

[11:40] How was your first business and what are some of the things that made you successful later on?

My first business wasn't very successful but it taught me a lot. I got it to about a million dollars but it wasn't a scalable business. I was into computer repairs but nobody was ready to invest because it was not scalable. I was so pissed off that I swore to learn what scalability is all about so that one day a venture capitalist will invest in me.

My next business was skpe pipeline which failed and I had to start all over again

[13:40] Where did the idea for visuals come from and how did you grow it to be such a conglomo impactful business?

Sky Pipeline cut the two founders of vice house and nick started calling. Black mullen asked I'd love to help them build their business. I fell in love with the research guy named Dr Michael Seidman and his products and I thought to myself that I could be a part of this project and help them bring it to the marketplace.

I brought a venture capitalist and we raised 100 million dollars for the business. We then turned it into a 600 million dollar business. I must say that I was a strategic and conditional partner more than the others. They possessed strong fields in marketing and sales and the combination of all of us is what made that company a special company.

[16:23] With this new venture, why was it the next call for you?

I went through a major correction in my life. I lost my mother and mentor to the cold hands of death. I channeled all of my energy into success and status-seeking which was a great strategy to get my mind off the pain that I was suffering from.

My mother's transition made me look into the corner of my soul, shadow, and psyche, and I looked for every piece of anger, and unhealed trauma. I spent two years of my life reemerging with some new wisdom and a new way of life to share with my fellow entrepreneurs. I went deeper into meditation, and psychology and when I emerged I found out that I could help a lot of people with this newfound knowledge that I've received.

[20:40] As you navigate, what do you see are some of the pitfalls that as your work kind of dials in that you're uncovering that most people do not realize they are battling with on this journey?

The majority of individuals are unaware that they have a lot of hearing to do. You know, the way most of us were raised didn't meet our needs• We may have had excellent parents, but in many cases, our parents didn't know any different because parenting as a whole is still a relatively new idea.

Most people have closed their hearts so the formula I use is to help them heal. I go deep into their healing, they grow through healing and when they grow, they have to heal again.

I will tell you that an entrepreneur's job is to solve a problem in the external marketplace and the way you solve that external problem is by solving the internal problems on the inside of your walls.


[23:25] How do you reach the people who need it but don't know they need it yet?

I resisted it and then my life got to a point where I was open. So, I need someone who is open when they go through a life change. The good news is that we are always going through life changes as individuals so those are the primary people that I work with.

Like we always say, execution is everything. Most people I find that have a high degree of confidence know what to do but not how to do it because something inside of them is sabotaging their capacity. So we have to make them realize that it is not the skill that is the issue, it is the fact that they've not developed a vessel capable of acquiring the skill.


[28:27]  How do people not ruin their lives as they start executing?

Your primary job in life is to manage and maintain the highest degree of positive energy that you can. I have to make sure that the energy that I bring to my time is the highest quality energy that I can.

 Money handles itself because if you have the energy to correct and bring it to the table.


[37:50] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

I am here to inspire. So God said, "This is my son, Ryan and he's going to go through hell and back and he's going to create quite a story of inspiration along the way".


Key Quotes

[24: 20_24:25]  Execution like we always say is everything. Every great leader will tell you that what you look

[26:40_26:45] Capacity is a person's physical, and mental ability to power, and produce productivity to the operator


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