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Aww Shift

Aug 27, 2021

In today’s episode, we have invited Tanessa Shears. She is into the nuances of biohacking; to bottle your brain and body as an entrepreneur and be more productive. 

[6:07] Why should we listen to you?

I speak with passion and energy regardless of the topic. I love to find out about people. I love to walk the walk, talk the talk. Therefore, I need my energy to be so strong that it invites other people there.

[7:02] How did you land in the space of wanting to look at bio-hacking your brain for entrepreneurs?

I opened my business as a personal trainer, and it grew to six figures quickly while loving what I was doing. You’ll learn more, and you get more results for your clients. I can help people by learning how to share my energy from what I experimented with myself first, then my husband. 

[8:01] How long have you been doing this?

I was an Aquafit instructor in 2008, making my moves with an eighties music on the side of the pool deck. By naturally going to a group fit and interpersonal training, I decided to open my business. In 2014 it had just been growing and evolving, and it transforms.

[9:03] How you bio-hack, and how that works?

There are many definitions. I think of it as health solutions I can put into place to get the result. I want something measurable and repeatable to hack my biology. And there are different spectrums of it, like red light therapy or sleep bedroom hacks. You can do things like monitoring your Fitbit and putting strategies into place, which helps you get more deep sleep. 

[11:16] How do you get these people started?

I usually have a general order of steps I follow, but I often find that that only lasts for one or two weeks, and everyone takes off on kind of their train.

[12:20] build into that foundation. We’re going to talk about sleep, food, movement, your brain, and how you’re processing your decisions that have created the result.

[12:37] When you start doing this, what’s the first focus. Is it mental, body, or do you do both at the same time?

I often like to focus on nutrition first. I think sleep is the thing that moves the needle the most. But I often find that I want to start with food because it brings up all the drama. And I love dealing with the drama, finding out why we’ve always done things a certain way. 

[17:07]  I also love the idea of one of the core concepts that I teach is the ability to tolerate discomfort. 

[19:40] How do you make this tactical and actionable for people?

What I do is I create spreadsheets to analyze not only all the sleep data are coming off of our trackers but watching everything going on. Like what days did we work out? How is that affecting our sleep? What was your energy like on this day? I create a detailed list of activities for them to complete the following week.

[22:32] Where are you at now with your whole practice of biohacking?

I have been watching my sleep and hot, cold contrast showers right now. I have been playing a lot with biorhythms specifically.  So I’ve started to lean into my chronotype and adjust my workout schedule to fit when it best serves me to maintain my energy.

[25:06] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

To be the person that makes people want to keep coming back and invest in their health because they love being around the energy that fuels that for them. 

Key Quotes:

[13:49-13:54] “If you’re definitely in the realm of trying to create something like this world, you have to be able to manage you.”

[19:20-19:23] “You have to challenge yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with.”