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Aww Shift

Nov 27, 2021

In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast, we have invited Trey Taylor, CEO of Taylor Insurance Services, Managing Director of trinity | blue, Consulting & Founding Partner of Ascend Partners, Keynote Speaker, and Author of the book “A CEO Only Does Three Things: Finding Your Focus in the C-Suite.” Trey believes that most CEO focuses only on leadership—but he says otherwise. Today, Trey talks about the three things CEOs of the modern world should focus on to succeed in their business and life endeavors. 

[04:34] Why should we listen to you?

You will listen to me because I will ask your questions to find out who you are. I believe that we are all created in three different dimensions – intellectual, emotional, and identity “I AM” dimensions. Those three dimensions are the things I will dissect to see what’s within you.

[14:38] 1st Focus: Culture

Culture is the ethical environment in which you live, work, and play. The amalgamation of agreements between you and your employees makes in governing your interactions with each other. Culture is the values that you share and express with the people.

[17:41] Everyone has a culture, whether intentional or not. Most CEOs have their eyebrows raised when I talk to them about this. And often, they would realize how culture is an important factor in their businesses. 

[18:50] 2nd Focus: People

How do you find the right people, get them on board, and keep them? Sometimes, having the right culture means having a different slate of people, and it becomes a really hard thing for CEOs to do. Ensure that you have a robust recruitment and retention process to keep the right people at your grasp. 

[22:34] 3rd Focus: Numbers

The job of the CEO is to set the agenda. Ensure what you are tracking and achieving according to the things you are important in the business, achieving them with the right people, and being transparent with them. 

[26:50] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I have a purpose statement of helping people see the greatness of them and live with it together with their families.

Key Quotes:

[06:29 – 06:39] “Our job as a listen is not to make people feel heard. That is only the byproduct. What we do is having the active work of understanding them as a person and how they fit in the universe.”

[19:09 – 19:14] “Sometimes, there’s people in your life that maybe you didn’t seek out but they are there anyway.”


Learn more about Trey Taylor:

Website: Executive Coaching | – TRINITY BLUE (

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Instagram: Trey Taylor (@ceotreytaylor) • Instagram photos and videos

Buy his book on Amazon: A CEO Only Does Three Things: Finding Your Focus in the C-Suite eBook: Taylor, Trey: Kindle Store