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Aww Shift

Jul 30, 2021

In today's episode, our guest is Jodi Daniels, Certified Informational Privacy Professional (CIPP/US). She is the Founder of Red Clover Advisors and has more than 20 years of privacy, strategy, marketing, and finance roles. She has worked with companies such as Deloitte, The Home Depot, Cox Enterprise, and Bank of...

Jul 28, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Darryll Stinson, a former athlete, now a speaker, a speaking coach as well. He's a two-time TEDx speaker and founder of second chance athletes. He now helps and gives athletes a roadmap to discover their new purpose and living a fulfilled life. 

[2:06] Why should we listen to you?


Jul 26, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Mel Abraham, a CPA, he’s been an entrepreneur since he was 11 years old. And he’s a professional who has the ability to break your neck without you even realizing it.   

[9:48] Why should we listen to you?

From my perspective, it's just the journey that I've been on. The lessons...

Jul 23, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Jerome Myers. He went from corporate America and now teaches people how to guide themselves towards lives that are of significance by focusing on living a centered life. They create opportunities for APEC performers to connect with each other. 

[7:39] Why should we listen to you? 


Jul 21, 2021

In this Aww Shift Podcast episode, we have invited Cheryl Mobley, Founder, and CEO of ReCalibrate, LLC. Cheryl was the Director of Operations & Quality in Texas Health Resources. She became the President seven years later after seeing her drive to deliver high-standard and quality service to the people. Today, Cheryl...