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Aww Shift

Apr 26, 2021

In this episode, we have the amazing Angel Cellucci, the "Guardian Angel" of medical Fraud issues. She is here with us to spread awareness about medical fraud and how you can avoid falling into the trap of paying outrageous medical bills.


[03:40] 9 out of 10 of your medical bills contain errors

Teach people how to be in control and be able to use their voices to say "Not on my watch!" and to stand up against medically unnecessary treatment.

[05:47] How do you start this whole process?

I created a system and I created tools to help people how to document, organize, verify and negotiate their medical bills.

[08:28] Who started all of this healthcare fraud?

It can be absolutely anybody who's trying to take your hard-earned money. Healthcare fraud can happen to the smartest people.

[10:21] Who were you before you got into battle with Medical Fraud?

I'm reading a book called "The Buddha and the Badass by Vishen Lakhiani". You have to go back to your childhood, experiences, the painful ones that you've endured as a child because that's formulated what your core values are. And my core values are: "Nobody will ever be excluded on my watch", "Nobody will ever be bullied on my watch".

[12:09] My whole life, I've always felt like a chained butterfly as if I have all of this spirit and energy inside me but yet I have this metal chain around my neck or something and it was August 14, 2014, the switch turned off. I left my marriage and I became this free, beautiful butterfly and I became more focused on my passion.

[13:16] My Mid-life Reset

I reset my entire life because I wasn't happy and happiness to me, meant everything.

[16:39] Finding your voice and believing in yourself

Everybody thinks they have their shift together, but they don't. Why do we wear masks? My mask is off and I am as raw and open as I can be if it is going to help the next person be a better human being and move humanity's needle forward.

[18:03] I started thinking to myself. This was the biggest catalyst for me which is why I left. I had a son who was 20 and my daughter was 23 and I thought to myself, "If my daughter was in the same kind of relationship that I was in at that point in time. Not feeling loved, not feeling respected, not feeling valued. What would I do? If my son was married and his wife was feeling that way, what would I tell them to do? Am I being a good example to my children?"

[19:21] My Biggest Aww Shift moment

It was the hardest time of my life. I had everybody turned their backs on me, everyone.

[21:27] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

I think that he would be sending somebody who is willing to be incredibly transparent and share their struggles and growth and stories to empower you to be a better human being.



[04:55 - 05:26] "To teach people how to do what I do for the insurance industry and stand up for themselves. I take the complex subject of medical bills and I simplify it for them. So that they feel empowered and in control and are able to use their voice to say "Not on my watch!" to say "No, I'm not paying that bill" to negotiate their bills, to stand up for medically unnecessary treatment, to do all those things and to keep bills hard-earned money where it belongs, in their pockets.

[11:02 - 11:11] "You have to go back to your childhood, experiences, the painful ones that you've endured as a child because that's formulated what your core values are."

[15:13 - 15:17] "Nobody's going to give you the power to believe in yourself, you have to do it yourself."

[16:47 - 16:51] "Never judge your insides with somebody else's outsides."

[20:14 - 20:23] "When you step out to grow and you put yourself first, it's going to make other people around you feel uncomfortable 'cause you're not in the same sandbox as them anymore."

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