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Aww Shift

Aug 2, 2022

In this episode. Our guest is Jessica Zweig. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, personal branding expert, the founder and CEO of SimplyBe Agency, and author of Be- A no Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself. She is big on how to increase your net worth by being yourself. You are suitable for success when you can figure out how to navigate yourself. 

[3:09] Why should I listen to you?

Because I genuinely love to know you. I take an interest in who you indeed are. I don't do small talk. I prefer to talk deeply about your trauma and challenges in a soul-to-soul discussion. I create a window for authenticity, so you should listen to me. I don't know if it's a skill, but it has always been my craving. That is what I am attracted to; it has always been a massive shift for me and my life. [7:45] How do you define great success?

I can only speak from my experiences and the people I have been reasonable to work with. Success isn't about accolades, numbers of social media followers, or wealth but true fulfillment. It is a feeling of joy that aligns with who you are born to be. But to be who you indeed are to succeed, you have to activate yourself—activating your life, living your life, and performing your roles despite what people say. Living in integrity is essential, and I don't think you can live a life of success without activating that part first. We are into personal branding, but we do more. We permit our clients to be themselves. 

[10:15] What journey led you to the person who does this for others?

I grew up in a place where I was not cool. I was cocky, but I fell in love with theater. I went for an audition. At age 27, I became an entrepreneur and launched my first online business. For most of my life, I was cocky and gooky. I thought I was someone after starting the business. I was calm and all, but a few years later, the company fell apart, and I became financially broke. No money was in my bank account, and I was in debt. I disassociated myself with the person I was working with for the magazine. I disassociated myself from all and started from scratch and did the work. I had to heal and come to terms with who I am. Long story short, I started doing the work. It was when I was 32 that I figured out what I needed to do. I have always been a spiritual person and started to go on a more spiritual journey. I began to figure out my relationship with the divine, and that is how my life started to change.

[13:35] What is the work you are talking about in this conversation?

I learned to take radical honesty and accountability for my mistakes, opportunities, trials, and errors. No one can do that for you. For a long time, I did something wrong. I realized that, and I work in that aspect. I took a lot of retreats and figured out that I needed to take responsibility and be accountable for everything that happened in my life. Feedback is essential, but it has to come from people who want the best for you cos they will tell you the truth. I intentionally invested in people and the environment that will give me Feedback, and I still do that. So that is the work I'm talking about. 

[20:54] When you go on this journey with people, what are their unexpected experiences?

We don't ask them about their trauma first. Asides from giving them what they want, we offer them what they need. People hire my team to do a lot of work depending on their goals. We create a methodology and take them through a process that helps them gain clarity. We are majorly into branding, which is clarity. Talk about who you are in a few sentences. So we aim to achieve a crystal clear point on who the person is and what he can bring to the table. That is where we start, and the only way we can begin is if we ask a series of questions about their expertise, being, and all that have shaped them. We are into building their websites and all that defines the brand, but we start by defining the person's core values. We have to ask those questions to get there.

[24:35] What do you truly live for in this whole process? What is your goal?

I started my podcast with people that I have worked with. I make a joke with this saying. If you come into our offices for branding and we don't make you cry, then we are not doing our job. We must crack people up, not because we want to make them cry. We have a moment when we make them feel tense when we read to them about their brand after the whole process. I also feel good when a client reaches out to me to tell me how their business tripled after the branding process. That is one of my favorite moments that reminds me of what I do.  

[29:45] What would you say to someone in this terrible situation? 

It is a couple of different processes. One of the things that I did was activate. It's so noisy, and our brain is wired to adjust. So it's essential to be quiet so that you can hear your thoughts. It would help if you had personal time. It would help if you were alone. That helped me to create a relationship with myself and also gain clarity. Journeying with myself is the most effective therapy. It helped me to be brave and also be myself. I accepted myself, and that's how I navigate these trying times. 

[33:50] Who is your book written for, and what should the reader expect to get out of it?

The book was written for a specific audience, but I believe everyone can learn from it. A book for figuring out who we are. It is for conscious entrepreneurs and people who want to bring authenticity and more humanity to the value that they create. It is also written for people who wish to discover who they are and what they want to do. The book is about personal branding and empowerment. It talks about my journey also, and I would say that the work begins where the book ends. Everybody wants that, so it's not limited to a particular set of people. 

[42:25] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

I have a key in my heart and believe I am here to help people unlock the divinity inside of them. I want to help people reflect on what makes them special, and I'm on that mission. 


[15:05-15:07] The best thing you can do for yourself is to get Feedback.

[17:30-17:32] Feedback is a gift

[22:45-22:50]. What makes us who we are is not the rock bottom but the journey. 

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