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Aww Shift

Jul 21, 2021

In this Aww Shift Podcast episode, we have invited Cheryl Mobley, Founder, and CEO of ReCalibrate, LLC. Cheryl was the Director of Operations & Quality in Texas Health Resources. She became the President seven years later after seeing her drive to deliver high-standard and quality service to the people. Today, Cheryl shares how her vision impeded other workers to be at their best, reset and relaxed, and turned her experiences into a book that would change other companies and organizations’ structure.

[06:07] Why should we listen to you?

Back in the hospital setting, I would say to look for our hospital results, staff engagements, patient satisfaction, and how the ambiance differs from others. It’s not about me but how we collectively can get things done.

[08:00] Lessons

At this point in my career, I learned the hard way that I will not always have the answers. I don’t have the ego invested to always being right. When I stepped into the president role from the director of operations & quality, my responsibility was everything. Because I tend to have high standards, I get in other people’s way.

[09:19] When you have high expectations, feel responsible, and want things to be excellent, it is tough to step away and trust that your people will carry it.

[10:03] We have something called “tight, loose, tight” where:

  •       Tight – what’s the solution needs to end up and the non-negotiables.
  •       Loose – to get the job done.
  •       Tight – what is the actual deliverable that we have to meet.

You need to be clear about what needs to be done and get out of the way to let it get done.

[12:28] Clarity

I sat down and reverse engineered what we did in the hospital to get consistent results. I created the Be99 as the framework of a guiding question.

[13:05] Without clarity, you can work hard and be the best on the planet, but nothing will get done.

[13:52] I would ask the leaders of the companies what they would want to be the future of their company? I was amazed how answers would often not be the same. I ask that because they need to understand what vision is and work on the right thing.

[15:35] How many ways and times we need to repeat the message? Some are good with emails, text messages, face-to-face, listening, or writing. Personally, a conversation would be a sign of respect because I trusted that you got it. Our brain handles many things, and it might make sense to me, but it did not for them. It was wrong to have that mindset.

[18:30] Cheryl’s Book

I had no intention of writing a book, but my friend invited me to go on a horse safari. We were given rules before going out, and we have to act a certain way and behave to keep us all safe.

[19:40] I started thinking about leadership dynamics and team behaviors. Anyone would have chosen to act in a way that felt safe for them but would put everybody at risk. It was now apparent to me that my experience needs to be put in a book.

[20:37] Each chapter was a real-life experience we had at that moment. I went and interviewed leaders around the world and ask them questions. I deliberately went as much as diversity I could get in terms of role, age, experience, type of business, etc., and learned many things that would have made me better if I knew about its years ago.

[25:40] Goal

I want to share what we were able to do in the hospital and do my best to help other leaders replicate it. I want to know how many kinds of seeds Be99 will be able to sow with leaders who would do something with it.

[28:38] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

To make things better than before I was here. I fully recognized that the experience I have had might felt good, horrible, excellent, was not for Cheryl—they were for me to be able to accelerate someone else’s journey.

Key Quotes:

[11:31 – 11:34] “You cannot become the choke point if you want to grow past yourself.”

[17:05 – 17:12] “Keep resaying it and be willing to take other people’s plate off. Give them the ability to take things off on their plate.”

[17:49 – 17:55] “We are not perfect; we will continue to make mistakes as long as we breathe. We should be careful not to make the same mistakes over and over again.”

[22:23 – 22:26] “Anytime you start something new, there will be a lot to learn.”


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