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Aww Shift

Jun 23, 2021

In this episode, our guest is Craig Ballantyne. He has something called “Turbulence Training.” He’s got a good flow, a good brain, and he’s been through a gamut of serving people, literally hundreds of 1000s of people. He served clients from every walk of life.  

[7:01] Why should I listen to you?

I am the most straight to the point you will ever meet. When I ran Turbulence Training, I also ran this other business called “Early to Rise” which I focus on these days. I started as the world’s most productive man. And then a couple of guys said, “To be productive, you have to be disciplined.” So they started calling me the world’s most disciplined man.

[8:46] When I was younger, I was a binge drinker and weekend frat-boy kind of guy. I got to the point where I don’t want to be like that anymore. But it’s very difficult to make the right decisions. So I went down this path of figuring out how to make the right decisions automatically, which made me look like the world’s most disciplined man. 

[10:16] How does the flow structure work?

When people get into my coaching program, or they just have a conversation with me, I say, “You have to get in the morning and focus on non-urgent, important work.” I have this little rhyme where I say you got GSD on your MIT ASAP. Get stuff done on your most important task as soon as possible. 

 [16:37] Talking about the identity aspect, I’ve written that down to those people who are not taking action, and they have self-esteem. You just have to change that identity. I’m the type of person who takes imperfect action because I know that that’s the thing that moves me ahead. 

{23:55] A whole new space

If someone is new to me and has never heard me and seems like, “Oh, Craig has three books,” and they were going to be which one first, it’s this. It’s the perfect week formula. You learn how to automate, delegate and eliminate add, automate, delegate, and eliminate better because what most entrepreneurs do is say I will do it myself. 

[31:14] Getting things out of your way

Just challenge yourself and think I want you to do 15 minutes of work before getting on the bike. If you make 15 minutes first thing in the morning, just get up at the right time for you and then get up a little bit earlier before anybody else gets up. And then go right to work for 15 minutes. 

[32:45] It’s the same thing with taking advantage of an opportunity. Maybe you have a business opportunity, and maybe you have a course that you’re selling, and like your Facebook ads are starting to work. If you get up and spend 15 minutes focused on that, you will get further ahead than somebody who tries to find time in your busy day to do it. 

 Key Quotes

[13:44-14:00] “If you want to have a business, a business needs to be something that you can step away from for three months, six months, 12 months. If you depend on clubhouse for all of your revenue, and it’s your main thing, you can’t step away from it.”

[20:00-20:06] “Take imperfect action because it beats in perfect action, beats perfect inaction every single day.”


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