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Aww Shift

Jun 30, 2021

In today’s episode, our guest is Daniel Packard, a Coach, Trainer, Speaker, U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer, former stand-up comedian, personal development disruptor, and Founder of Inner Fitness Academy. He loves people to know that you can easily and systematically build physical fitness and strong muscles. You can also build Inner Fitness and strong self-love.


[6:55] Why should I listen to you?

I think you should listen to me because there’s something that we all have, like dynamic patterns, some behavior, and a ton of personal development. You know about it, you understand it, and you have awareness.

[9:50] Symptom Management to Full Liberation

If you’re not addressing the root cause, that symptom will always follow you around your whole life. I’m going to step away from personal development because I think there was a blind spot. I’m trying to revisit it from the perspective of an engineer and come up with a solution.

[13:46] Different aspect of Symptom Management

When we understand the basic mechanics that control something, that changes much quicker, and most importantly, we keep the results longer. I can help people because I stepped away from personal development.

[19:10] what’s the best path?

I think that sometimes personal development can be a little bit overly complicated and sound cool. It may not be getting you the quick, consistent results that you want because you’re losing basics. If you lose weight, you don’t look at your body, but you’re manifesting the cells from your unlimited potential.

[21:37] Be better always

I spent ten years decoding everything anxiety, insecurity, codependency addiction and interpreted it to look for the basic, simple mechanics. I think part of it is that people don’t understand that when I help people, they are very successful when clients come to me.

[22:17] If you’re working on yourself, thank you for wanting to be a better person. I want to get you tools. And a process of you can be happier, faster, feel calm, get the relationships you want.

Key Quotes

[10:24–10:29] “If you’re not addressing the root cause, that symptom is always going to follow you around your whole life.”

[12:13 - 12:25] “If you have a pattern that’s been repeating for a while, trust me, even if you don’t think it, that is a symptom of something deeper, and we are not.”

[22:59 - 23:08] “Many people learn a concept like don’t doubt yourself, believe in yourself, love yourself, whatever it is, and then they’re not able to implement it.”


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