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Aww Shift

Mar 25, 2019

Today we have Phoebe Mroczek in the studio with us to talk about her life. She is an incredibly amazing human being with a plethora of talents that I had the pleasure of meeting in Costa Rica many years ago. Phoebe is currently a podcast producer and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs that have online businesses. She started her rollercoaster life journey as a Division-1 college soccer player and made her way to where she is today. Stay tuned to hear the ups and downs that happened between then and now.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Phoebe’s adventurous path to being an entrepreneur
  • Importance of redefining yourself to get on the right path
  • Trust being the most important ingredient
  • Looking for the lessons in all life events
  • Sources of life’s biggest shifts
  • Approaching life in a different to achieve happiness
  • Life-changing advice to take away

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Unbecoming Podcast

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