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Aww Shift

Jul 1, 2019

Want to hear an incredible journey from a survivor of childhood abuse?  Tammy Loftis is in the studio with Anthony today to tell her story about how she went from this abuse to stripping while trying not to be homeless, to finally life coaching. So where was that turning point that saved Tammy’s life? She finally turned to the gym to express herself and get back into shape. However, for Tammy and so many others, there is so much more than physical healing. You can fix yourself physically but most importantly you need to find a way to fix yourself mentally and emotionally. If you can see that lighthouse in the distance, then you can get there!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Tammy’s story
  • Light switch moment that changed her life
  • How you think affects where you are
  • Making that choice of how you want to define yourself
  • Moving on from the anchors that are holding you down
  • Importance of having faith in something when trying to be a better you
  • Preparing for your personal test
  • Learning the art of forgiveness after suppressing horrible memories
  • The perfect client for Tammy
  • Check out Tammy’s book


Links to resources:

Tammy Loftis

Dear Victim

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