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Aww Shift

Sep 9, 2019

This show is all about successful people how they have made that shift happen in their life that has brought them that success. Those people did not get to that place by accident. They made a conscious choice to shift the direction of their lives, and they didn’t just shift, they completely sold out in that direction. Anthony is here today to let you in on the 5 ways to make that shift happen in your life so that you can actually live in that place that you daydream about. Any opportunity that you can hope for and dream of can be your reality. You deserve the life that you want!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Deciding that you want to make the shift
  • Trying to fill the hole inside with all of the wrong things
  • Charting a path to follow so that you can gauge your progress
  • Importance of writing down your goals and dreams
  • Establishing habits along the journey
  • Redirecting the path when you fall out of line
  • Why change is going to be necessary
  • Avoiding the reversion back to “comfortable”
  • Telling the world about your change to make it concrete


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