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Aww Shift

Sep 23, 2019

Whatever path you take in life, it is inevitable that along the way you will face challenges and situations that teach you something. These lessons that we learn will come to define who we are, and many of those will be experienced on your career path. As you journey through your career, you change your perspective on what it’s really about. Today, Anthony has the pleasure of speaking with NFL Agent, Craig Domann. Craig is here today to tell us about those lessons learned through his professional path and how they have shaped the man that he is and the men he has helped. If you’re not where you want to be, you can choose to quit, or work your butt off and achieve those dreams!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Anthony and Craig were introduced
  • Craig’s football camp and how it helps youth football
  • Directing the flight path for young men’s careers
  • Responding to adversity inside and outside of the NFL
  • Doing the job to the best of your ability instead of comparing to others
  • Importance of passing knowledge onto younger generations
  • Craig’s favorite success stories
  • Keeping your focus on what your goal is
  • Lessons that Craig has learned throughout his career as an agent
  • Finding a way to overcome the fear of failure
  • How life as a football player mirrors real life for others


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