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Aww Shift

Sep 30, 2019

How do you get people to follow you on Instagram to the point where you can bring in money from it? Anthony’s guest today, Ella J Mae, is here to tell you all about how to do that and more. Ella helps personal brands and businesses grow their Instagrams to the point where they can make money or get different opportunities to travel and make a difference. Instagram has taken a similar turn to the dieting industry, where a lot of the money is made from confusion. In today’s episode, Ella is going to clear up that confusion and help you really make a splash!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Ella’s professional bio and story
  • Clearing up the confusion that surrounds Instagram success
  • How people’s reasons affect their ability to succeed
  • All you’re really looking for as a business
  • Making sure that your account adds values to your desired audience
  • Realistic end results for different people based on their goals
  • Rolling with the changes as they happen by focusing on the things that don’t change
  • Updates and recent changes with Instagram


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