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Aww Shift

Oct 14, 2019

To be successful, you have to be tough and rough, nose to the grindstone. Sound familiar? Well, Anthony’s guest today, Bobby Castro, is here to tell you why that’s not necessarily true. Bobby’s people skills have allowed him to accrue a net personal worth of around $300M. He is a person that has had great success in his life and now wants to give back by helping others get their wins in life. Living life as a genuinely great person not only helps you upgrade your life but also can improve the lives of those around you. If you want to receive, you have to be willing to give.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Bobby’s area of expertise to give back
  • Where Bobby learned to have an incredible work ethic
  • Upgrading to new and improved information to change your surroundings
  • Mirroring nice and successful people so that you can give value
  • How a trend of quitting can become a routine
  • Starting from the bottom and working your way up on new information
  • Putting more fuel into whatever is working right now
  • What can happen when appreciation takes place
  • Making sure to never forget the baseline of your company


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