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Aww Shift

Nov 18, 2020

Everyone in this world has their own uniqueness, but far fewer find a way to use those special traits to build something incredible. My guest today is Taylor Welch, the Founder of Traffic and Funnels and author of The Consultant Next Door. Taylor teaches people how to build sustainable businesses that give them the lives that they truly want. Unlike most people, Taylor knows that the true cost of life is winning at the wrong things!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Taylor’s non-humble audacious brag on himself
  • The first Aw Shift moment that hit Taylor on his business journey
  • Times in Taylor’s personal life that helped him develop his pivot mindset
  • Make sure what you are running in matches what you want to win in
  • Taylor hasn’t hit that point where he knows he’s made it
  • Why it’s hard for people to admit that they have room to grow
  • Digging into the motivations behind Taylor’s book
  • Looking into the future for Taylor’s next books
  • How Taylor is able to keep the structures of his family and businesses strong


Links to resources:

Taylor Welch: Traffic and Funnels - Book

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