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Aww Shift

Nov 23, 2020

Just because the world has had to come to an unexpected stop recently doesn’t mean that education does the same. My guest today is Tyler Christensen, the host of Virtual School Assembly, an organization that brings education to students at home via 10-20 minute mini-assemblies featuring a plethora of different guest speakers. The entire educational system has been forced to make a shift, whether people like it or not. Organizations like VSA are doing what they can to make sure no children fall behind with their education with great and innovative ideas!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Diving into what led Tyler to teach and his perspectives on teaching right now
  • What Tyler’s school is going to look like this year
  • Benefits of distanced learning that most people don’t see
  • The Aw Shift moment that shifted Tyler to his current path
  • Hardest parts of Tyler’s weight-loss journey of losing 100 lbs
  • How Tyler has avoided a weight relapse during the pandemic
  • Tyler breaks down the formation and mission of VSA
  • Challenges of getting these resources in front of teachers
  • What factor allowed VSA to come to life and achieve some success


Links to resources:

Tyler Christensen: Virtual School Assembly | Website | VSA YouTube


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