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Aww Shift

Nov 30, 2020

We all have a thirst for connection in this life, but not everyone has a natural ability to build those connections. My guest today, Casanova Brooks, was born with that natural ability to build connections. Casanova is an award-winning entrepreneur and motivational speaking professional. Casanova considers himself a professional relationship artist, using his natural ability to build relationships to achieve success in the real estate industry and help improve the lives of others!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Casanova explains his profession and accomplishments to the world
  • What Casanova understood early on living in Omaha
  • Things that have allowed Casanova to naturally become good at building relationships
  • Your impact doesn’t have to reach the entire world
  • Aw shift moments from Casanova’s upbringing that shaped who he is today
  • Shifting the “college degree” mindset that most people have
  • Changing environments can change what’s possible
  • 2 battles when trying to accomplish a life goal
  • True lessons that came out of Casanova’s battle with cancer
  • What DreamNation is all about and how it came to be
  • There’s always someone that wants to learn from you
  • Looking into the future for Casanova and DreamNation
  • Acceptance and vulnerability play a pivotal role in freedom


Links to resources:


100 Black Men of Omaha


Casanova Brooks: DreamNation | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


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