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Aww Shift

Dec 7, 2020

Every person is unique, and because that is true, their needs for personal growth are going to be different. My guest today is Jake Kelfer, a coach of entrepreneurs, author, and founder of the Pro Basketball Combine (PBC). He helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 6 figures while helping them achieve their life dreams. Jake has learned how to grow himself and help others by sharing that growth knowledge!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why anyone should listen to Jake’s message
  • Jake breaks down the upbringing that made him who he is today
  • The possibility of having great adulthood without a great childhood
  • Where a lot of people make a mistake in coaching
  • Diving into Jake’s coaching services and who he helps
  • Building the Professional Basketball Combine
  • Understanding with clarity what you want to achieve
  • The project that Jake is working on that led him to this show
  • Action steps to take when you decide to face the fear of failure and rejection
  • Getting people from where they are to where you are


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Jake Kelfer: Website | Instagram


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