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Aww Shift

Jun 27, 2023

Welcome to the latest episode of Aww Shift! Today we're joined by Jeffrey Shaw, the founder of self-employed life. We'll discuss some key insights that can help you thrive in self-employment. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of Aww Shift!

(2:15) Discover Why You Should Tune In!

Are you craving genuine conversations? Do you seek meaningful connections and want to learn something new? If so, this podcast is for you! Join us as we embark on a journey of exploration, where we engage with remarkable individuals who are making a significant impact in the world. We kick off each conversation by asking, "What are you up to?" Prepare to be inspired and enlightened!

(5:03) Unveiling the Natural Openness

I have ever wondered if being naturally open is an inborn trait. Well, let's peel back the layers. Despite being an introvert, I've discovered my knack for initiating conversations. Surprisingly, being a professional speaker has provided a platform for me to break the ice. I find solace in intimate discussions, venturing into the depths of people's stories.

Interestingly, I've noticed a pattern among introverted speakers on stage. The discomfort they feel as introverts in the spotlight becomes a driving force. Embracing the limelight becomes an integral part of our growth.

Moreover, I've always been someone people naturally gravitate toward, especially children. Parents trust me with their kids, which opens up avenues for meaningful conversations and interactions. It's a beautiful dance of connection.

(7:22) The Power of Introverted Communicators

Absolutely! Introverts possess a unique ability to observe, absorb, and process the intricacies of humanity. As a former shy kid, my observation skills became my superpower. This led me to pursue a photography career, where I found solace in capturing the world through my lens. The angles, people, and stories I encountered fascinated me. Over four decades, my journey transitioned from photography to becoming a business coach. That same sense of observation paved the way for my coaching career. Statement truly shapes how our brains work; introverts excel in this realm. You hit the nail on the head!

(9:43) The Significance of Leadership with Wisdom

Leadership comes in various forms and stages. I gravitate toward leading from the side of the room as an observer. Throughout my life, I've played a crucial role in supporting, gently guiding, and instigating change. However, I also acknowledge the importance of front-to-the-room leadership. Both styles have their place, and understanding when to step up and lead from the forefront is critical.

(14:42) Unlocking the Path to Becoming a Billionaire

Ah, the journey to becoming a billionaire—a topic that often stirs up curiosity and sparks intriguing conversations. Difficult conversations and challenges often hold the key to growth and success, even if they create chaos and disruption. Sometimes, we avoid these discussions, fearing their consequences. However, the ability to navigate such conversations is a crucial skill. Let's delve into the realm of life experiences and uncover the wisdom hidden within.

(18:27) The Quest for Wisdom: Unraveling the Source

Philosophy and tangible evidence—what a delightful blend! This fascinating combination has always captivated me. In the realm of business and marketing, brevity is often the key. Like the wise man in the fable, the ability to convey your point succinctly holds tremendous power. I enjoy diving deep into profound thoughts, overthinking, and discovering practical applications. My photography business in my 20s taught me the importance of leverage. Connecting with souls and understanding how to translate those connections into tangible, valuable outcomes became my passion.

(22:40) Recognizing Problems and Taking a Stand

Standing up for your beliefs often begins with experiencing problems firsthand. For me, this journey started during the pandemic. Having weathered economic downturns

(30:09) Unveiling the Secrets of Self-Employment Happiness.

Have you ever wondered what truly brings happiness to self-employed individuals? I've pondered this question extensively as someone who has never held a traditional job or received a regular paycheck. While some find security in a predictable income, I've realized that the corporate world doesn't align with my lifestyle. The fear of being let go would overshadow any sense of stability. Happiness, in this context, is relative. I hold great admiration for those who courageously navigate the realm of traditional employment. Their resilience and fortitude deserve recognition.

(31:53) Embracing the Service of Self-Employment.

The core of my work revolves around the self-employed life. It's not just about building a business but crafting a strategic and fulfilling life. Throughout my journey, I've discovered the importance of translating experiences and skills to thrive in the self-employed realm. Traditional business models often revolve around transactional approaches. However, my version of marketing and business focuses on emotionally connecting with individuals and serving them wholeheartedly. I aim to move people from indecision to taking tangible action. This approach, which I call "hug marketing," fosters loyalty and nurtures lasting client relationships.

In a world that demands swift solutions, I'm here to help people reach their desired outcomes faster. As a coach, my clients are transitioning into self-employment, and I guide them through the process. Through group coaching, we explore how to translate their existing skills into successful business ventures. I aim to empower individuals to achieve their dreams in a shorter timeframe.

(41:48) Exploring the Essence of "The Self-Employed Life" Book.

My book, "The Self-Employed Life," is available on various platforms. It delves into the intricacies of a self-employed life, offering insights, strategies, and inspiration. My business institute conducts group training and hybrid coaching programs. We create a thriving community for business owners, fostering collaboration and growth.

(44:31) Connect with me at

To stay connected and explore further resources, I invite you to visit You'll find a wealth of information, tools, and opportunities to engage with our community of like-minded individuals. Discover a world of self-employed possibilities!

(44:56) The Promise I Bring to the World

When God created me, He made a profound promise to the world: Your starting point does not define your destination. Regardless of where you begin, you have the power and potential to achieve remarkable heights in life. It's a testament to the boundless opportunities that await each of us. Embrace your journey, believe in your capabilities, and witness the incredible transformation that unfolds.

Key quotes

(21:45 -21:56) Put your plate in places where something magical can happen in the first place, which you cannot accomplish sitting at your home.

(34.10 - 34:15) Move people emotionally toward serving them the best.

(44.59: 45.03) Where you can end up has nothing to do with where you start. 

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