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Aww Shift

Nov 14, 2023

Our guest today is Justin Prince, and our focus is on "Being The One." Our aim is for you to reflect on who you are in this moment and how you can elevate yourself to a higher level. This conversation provides practical models and strategies for making transformative changes in your life, propelling you towards an exciting future. Justin shares compelling stories, valuable insights, and powerful lessons. Without further ado, let's dive into the discussion.

[2:30] Why should I listen to you? 

To answer your question, I believe you would find me willing to listen, and the reason for that is my genuine care for people. I possess a deep curiosity about others, a love for understanding their complex stories, and a keen interest in learning. I'd ask numerous questions and lend a listening ear, truly attempting to comprehend who you are, what motivates you, and what sparks your passions. 

[3:40] When you look at collecting stories, what does that mean to you?

I'm a person who tends to speak quite a bit, much like you do. For me, every communication should have a story, and every story should convey a meaningful point. I firmly believe that by making points within your communication and weaving them into a compelling story, you can connect with people on a much deeper level. Stories inherently carry a point, and points become more vivid and engaging when they're intertwined with a story. I'm constantly on the lookout for new stories and unique angles. I'm particularly inspired by individuals who provide me with stories that I can use as illustrations to inspire others. I consider myself a story collector' and am always in search of various tales—be it in the realm of business, human experiences, or stories of resilience. I believe that the true drama lies in the intricate details of these stories. Thus, I'm consistently focused on finding and collecting stories to serve as vehicles for moving people forward.

[5:28] Can you tell us a bit about yourself—the human side of you?

In life, we often encounter a universal pattern: the dream, struggle, and victory. Each phase is essential, but stories typically focus on the triumph, leaving the struggle hidden. My journey began with divorce, followed by 13 relocations, limited education, and various odd jobs. I harbored big dreams. At 25, I launched my first business, which eventually failed, forcing us into financial turmoil. My wife and kids shared a small loft while I juggled part-time jobs. I questioned if success was possible for me. Perseverance paid off as I rebuilt my business, eventually selling it. I ventured into private equity consulting for two years and spent over a decade transforming a struggling company, achieving two and a half billion in revenue. This path led to speaking worldwide and writing books, allowing me to inspire others. The essence of my story is simple: dreams are attainable, and extraordinary lives are within reach.

[8:43] What do you notice stops people from moving toward that thing that, for you, seems so obvious?

Firstly, many people lack clarity. They're often confused and uncertain. I advocate for having 3D vision. When you lack vision, you limit your potential to influence and inspire others. Your vision should be crystal clear and always at the forefront of your mind. High performers can articulate their latest goals almost instantaneously, a key sign of clarity. Secondly, fear can be a major obstacle. It can be fear of what others will say, fear of failure, or even fear of success. I've developed a '3 C Success Loop' to address this. It begins with 'confidence,' believing in yourself, which leads to 'commitment.' With confidence, you commit to your goals. Commitment, in turn, leads to 'competence,' improving your skills and abilities. As your competence grows, it boosts your confidence. But to break the cycle of fear and doubt, you need 'courage' to take the first step, even when you can't see the entire path. Courage is what sets you apart, as it's a rare quality. Anything rare holds greater value. Be the one who runs toward the roar, not away from it. 

[16:04] What do you find to be some of the common fears that keep people from chasing a lion right now?

I understand the fear of being crushed when pursuing something big, whether it's in sports or any other life endeavor. That fear often stems from the worry of being embarrassed in front of others, especially when you're aiming high. I can relate to a personal experience that occurred when I was just starting my entrepreneurial journey. I was at church one Sunday, feeling inspired and enthusiastic about my new venture, and I shared my aspirations with some acquaintances, what I'd call "church friends." Their response was far from supportive. They ridiculed my ambitions, and it left me feeling small and uncertain. I had three initial emotions: a strong urge to fight back, a desire to take back my words, and a need to defend myself. However, I ended up just sitting there, feeling diminished. The lesson from these situations is that when you pursue your dreams, you might encounter naysayers who hammer you down or pull you back. It's crucial to empower the words of those who believe in you, those who say, "You got this." The negative voices will always be there, but it's your choice to listen to the empowering words and let them carry more weight. Like the story of President Reagan, who overcame skepticism at each stage of his life, from playing football to becoming the President of the United States, it's essential to listen to the believers and keep moving forward.

[24:20] What is your book about, and who is it for? 

I wrote the book "Be the One" for two important reasons. Firstly, I firmly believe that success is rooted in one's identity. How you perceive yourself significantly influences how you perform and engage with the world. If you see yourself as a loser, you'll struggle to perform like a winner, and vice versa. I wanted to emphasize that success is an identity process, and I want people to recognize that they are the one. They are the culmination of generations of people who came together, bled, cried, and sacrificed for their existence. Understanding your value and purpose is vital, particularly in a world facing high rates of suicide, anxiety, and depression. Realizing that your life has meaning can be a transformative realization. The second reason for writing the book is to provide practical and tactical strategies, habits, and routines to help readers become the people they were born to be. While I hope the book motivates and inspires, it's primarily designed to teach and equip readers with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves. My journey from a broken home with no formal education to achieving billions in sales and traveling the world was a result of applying practical strategies and habits, which I share in the book. Ultimately, I want to help readers recognize their identity and provide them with actionable steps to fulfill their potential.

[27:38] How does someone elevate beyond their current level when who they are determines the actions and habits that shape their life?

The first step in personal transformation is recognizing the need to update your identity. How you perceive yourself significantly impacts your performance. In the book, a story is shared about Jaime Molina, an exemplary individual who transitioned from a troubled past. His story demonstrates that we're not defined by our past but by who we're meant to be. We can create visions for our future, but it's essential to translate these visions into daily habits. Aristotle's wisdom emphasizes that excellence is a result of consistent habits. Your success isn't accidental; it's a product of daily, intentional decisions. Break the cycle, empower your family, and create an unforgettable life by updating your identity, cultivating new habits, and making conscious decisions.

[33:06] How can you approach individuals who struggle to envision a future beyond what they currently know or dislike, especially when they doubt their ability to achieve it? How do you help them plant the seed of a vision that extends beyond their current limitations?

In a recent event, a woman approached me and said she couldn't cast a vision for her future; her mind felt stuck. I shared the power of words, emphasizing that our words significantly influence our beliefs and actions. When I started lifting weights with a tough trainer, he instilled three rules. The most crucial one was to never say, "I can't do something." He explained how the conscious mind believes what you tell it. So, I adopted a habit of speaking positively and confidently, even when I doubted myself. This practice boosted my strength and self-belief. Research shows that our spoken words are 10 times more impactful than our thoughts. So, by changing your word patterns, you can enhance your future outlook and capabilities. Stop dwelling on past failures and focus on your potential strength and capacity. 

[40:30] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

When I was financially below zero, living in my wife's parents' garage and working two part-time jobs, I reached a point of despair. At that moment, I made two solemn promises to myself with tears streaming down my face. I said to God, "If you ever help me find success, there are two things I will do." The first promise was, "I won't forget what it feels like to struggle. I'll remember that lump in my throat, the challenges I'm facing, and what it's like to be the underdog." The second promise was, "I'll do everything in my power to help others achieve their dreams and goals. I'll work tirelessly to inspire and serve them." I believe that God placed me on this earth with a mission to serve and add value to people's lives. This is why I cherish conversations like this. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can help the next person stay in the game and keep moving forward. 

Key Quotes

[29:30-29:35] You are not who you are, you are who you are born to be and you are not what you did but what you repeatedly do. 

[32:11-32:14] You can’t always control what happens but you can control what happens next. 

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