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Aww Shift

Oct 31, 2023

I'm your host, Anthony Trucks, and today we have Lori Harder on the show. Lori is a friend I've known for a couple of years now. She's an incredible human who has experienced a lot, learned from her experiences, and has a unique skill set for sharing her expertise in a way that benefits the world. She talks about her journey, from her childhood interest in religion to navigating a shift in identity. She's been through financial struggles, made a significant income in the fitness industry, delved into personal development, and more. Now she's working on launching projects she started from scratch. Lori shares her journey and the reasons behind her choices. So, without further ado, let's dive into the episode.

[2:20] Why should I listen to you? 

I would say you should listen to me because I've achieved something remarkable in my life.

[3:04] What is it that you do so well? 

It's intriguing. I believe there are a few things I excel at, but they initially stemmed from a need for survival. These tactics eventually evolved into the realization that, even though they originated from challenging times in my life, they've transformed into skills that can be applied to various areas. I'm particularly adept at learning, such as reading and understanding people and inspiring them to embrace a vision. However, I'm also acutely aware of my weaknesses and make a point of surrounding myself with individuals who possess the skills I lack.

[4:00] Was it always that way for you, or did you have an attorney that you asked for help from? 

In the early 2000s, I had vivid memories, largely because I was deeply entrenched in the fitness world. Back then, I used to read fitness magazines, and it struck me that the individuals I aspired to be like—those women gracing the covers and winning prestigious fitness awards—seemed flawless. I believed they had it all, and I thought I could never measure up to them because I hadn't gone to college, I wasn't an athlete, and I didn't fit into that mold. I thought they were masters of everything. The world, it seemed, was projecting this message that we had to be experts in every aspect of our lives. But fast forward to today, and that's one of the reasons I appreciate the internet. It's shown me that you don't have to be a jack-of-all-trades; you just need to focus on your strengths and find ways to collaborate with people who excel in areas where you don't. If it's true, and I believe it is, that we should concentrate on what we're good at, we can accomplish so much more.

[5:48] How did you get to the point of making people pay you? 

The first time I received payment for my work was out of desperation, leading me to question if we always need our backs against the wall to succeed. Most of my significant successes were born from a place of necessity and frustration, such as when my husband lost his job and we faced dire financial circumstances. I realized I had to change my situation. My dream was to be in the fitness industry, but my lack of education held me back. It was only when our situation hit rock bottom, with our home, cars, and $300,000 in debt lost, that I decided to take action. In a moment of desperation, I discovered the power of 'on-demand’ motivation. But it would be great if we didn't always need a crisis to activate our potential. I've seen that a simple realization of unhappiness in a 35-45 minute conversation can be enough to drive change. We don't always need our backs against the wall to make a change. So, my earlier question about whether desperation is a prerequisite for success is still intriguing to me. It's a topic that leads to the realization that we can transform our lives without waiting for a major crisis. My journey started with a lack of a high school diploma, but it eventually led me to a place of gratitude and empowerment.

[10:48] Is there any other part that led to not graduating high school? 

I grew up in a small town and belonged to a very restrictive religion with just 114 members in our congregation. I was homeschooled throughout high school and had virtually no social life. In my early years, I used to go door-to-door, preaching and trying to sell the idea of the end of the world, which wasn't an easy task. However, this experience taught me the art of conviction and persuasion. As a teenager, I started feeling a calling for something bigger, although I couldn't quite define it. This longing for a different path, particularly in fitness leadership, wasn't possible within my religious community. At the age of 18, I made the difficult decision to leave my religion, which meant leaving behind everyone I'd known. This experience of transitioning from a familiar environment to the unknown without a support system or community continues to shape my work today. I can empathize with people going through significant life changes, whether it's a career shift, a lack of family support, or leaving everything behind. My personal journey has fueled my passion for helping others in similar situations.

[14:35] Could you specifically share what you do now? 

I experienced a series of transitions in my life. I faced tough times after leaving home but found my calling in the fitness world. Working with people made me realize that mindset was crucial for change, not just physical training. This led me to personal development, which helped me deal with anxiety and opened a world of possibilities. I started writing books and organizing events to help others break through their limiting beliefs. After my book was published, I entered a phase of self-discovery. Attending dinners with my husband's friends, who were discussing investments and business opportunities, sparked my interest. These conversations were vastly different from those I had with my female friends. I recognized the need to bridge the gap for women looking to grow financially and professionally. So, I started a female-centric company, raising $2 million from 54 female investors. Our upcoming product, a beauty hydration solution, will launch soon. This journey has been transformative, like jumping several steps ahead into a different reality.

[21:0] What made you think you can take money from people in common and make it successful? 

This journey was a soul-searching adventure. At first, I was in a place of uncertainty, wondering about what's next. I've learned to fast forward my life by a few years and immerse myself in that feeling. But this time, the idea seemed too daunting, like something the "future me" should handle. I even thought about Sara Blakely, the Spanx founder, and how she didn't hold back when she had the idea for her product. I needed evidence that I could do this. I looked at her beginnings and compared them to my current situation. In some ways, I had a bigger network and resources. This idea wasn't beyond me; I could make it happen. Then I questioned why I should wait. What am I going to learn first? Learning happens on the job, after all. I realized that I could be resourceful, humble enough to ask for help, and smart enough to put together a team. It was a one-step-at-a-time process. But most importantly, I couldn't bear the thought of living with unfulfilled dreams and avoiding the scary stuff. I had already experienced the pain of avoidance and knew it wasn't a path I wanted to follow. I didn't want to choose a self-inflicted painful prison. So, I decided to move forward and embrace the challenge.

[25:40] Did you have anybody around you who had the opposite energy? 

I've learned that your surroundings, especially the people in your life, have a stronger influence on you than your willpower alone. When you're considering something new, one of the first things to change is the people you surround yourself with. It might not always be possible to swap out everyone around you, but you can choose to spend more time with people who empower and support your goals rather than those who hold you back. This can be a difficult decision to make and act upon, but it's a crucial step.

Just like we tell our kids not to hang around with certain groups at school because they'll be influenced by them, the same goes for adults. If you want to believe that something is possible for you, spend time in rooms full of people who also believe that anything is possible. Your beliefs can be influenced by the limiting beliefs of those around you, so make sure to immerse yourself in an environment where the prevailing mindset is one of limitless potential. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who have similar goals and have overcome challenges has busted my limiting beliefs. 

[29:39] Have you ever experienced any unexpectedly amazing things? 

I'm immensely grateful for the love and challenges I've experienced in life. I've come to deeply appreciate the importance of challenges. When faced with something incredibly difficult, it's not that I love it or feel great about it because it's still hard, and there's a part of me that wants to run away from it or hide from my emotions. Even thinking about it can bring tears to my eyes. However, I've learned that on the other side of these challenges, I get to meet a version of myself that's connected to something greater, something like a profound connection with my Creator. It's difficult to explain, but it's as if you gain a new perspective, heightened perception, compassion, and empathy.

Now, instead of wanting to run from challenges or resist them, I try my best to run towards them. Even when I don't want them to come, I know that something valuable will emerge from these experiences. It's a belief that's ingrained in me, and it's become a precious gift.

[36:20] What are your overarching goals for this venture? Are you considering other paths or staying firmly committed to the current venture?

I absolutely love this question, and I appreciate you asking. There are a few things I'd like to do with my business. First, I want to sell it because it's an exciting prospect, and I also genuinely want to explore new opportunities. I have some creative ideas for the business that I'm eager to bring to life. One of my main goals is to structure it in a way that's somewhat akin to network marketing, though not quite the same. I want to empower women through the company, offering various programs and initiatives that could potentially benefit other businesses that follow a similar model. The world of marketing is evolving, and I believe people are craving a sense of community. I want to find ways for businesses to provide this community experience, moving beyond the superficial connections on platforms like Facebook. I'm particularly excited about creating opportunities for people to earn income through our business. This is part of a broader vision to encourage women to invest in each other. I believe that there's an endless well of potential and creativity, and it's crucial to demystify the process of starting a business, developing a product, and exploring new ideas.

[44:45] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? 

She’s going to be your permission to do anything you want to do. 

Key Quotes 

[5:10-5:20] You don't have to know everything; instead, focus on what you excel at, build a team, or surround yourself with those who complement your skills. 

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