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Aww Shift

Jul 30, 2021

In today's episode, our guest is Jodi Daniels, Certified Informational Privacy Professional (CIPP/US). She is the Founder of Red Clover Advisors and has more than 20 years of privacy, strategy, marketing, and finance roles. She has worked with companies such as Deloitte, The Home Depot, Cox Enterprise, and Bank of America. Her team has helped hundreds of companies create privacy programs, achieve GDPR, CCPA, and US privacy law compliance, and establish a secure online data strategy their customers love. And today, she is going to share with us why privacy is essential to all aspects of the virtual world. 

[9:15] Why should we listen to you?

Our topic could depend on the day as there are so many interesting pieces. I love being a mom, and I also love health and wellness. We might be talking about healthy smoothies, how to live an extraordinary life, or we might be talking about cool business tricks. I am an inquisitive person about a variety of topics.

[10:56] What is the Importance of Privacy?

Privacy is the beginning of digital data intersection and how we could use it to target you, whether that be for content or advertising. Underneath all business is privacy. General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the strictest privacy law of its kind in the world. It is considered the gold standard of privacy laws. My love for this work is when you start intersecting this with customer trust. Because at the end of the day, customers will do business with a company that they trust and will deliver a great product and service and protect their data.

[17:26] How can our data affect our life in the hands of other people or companies?

There is a variety of different things to consider, such as name and email. Think about how many user accounts log in with your email. Thus, everything you have could be connected by email. They can start to profile you and figure out the type of person you are. With the wrong information, they can begin to connect those pieces inaccurately. That is one view of how it is tied together or starts to get tied together, with tiny details.

[20:50] How does a company create trust?

State when and where you are asking for this information. It is about expressing how we care about your privacy; this is what we are going to do with your name, email, or phone number. Explain how the company will use the data and how the company values the safety of this information. We care about what you are going to say, and you use the marketing copy, and you use the space on the page to address their concerns.

[25:15] How does this come to the world through your work?

I work with companies to help them understand this GDPR law, and there is a long list of other marketing laws in the United States. I am helping to comply from start to finish. The fun for me is this connection to trust and getting people and companies to understand building a relationship with your customers. What's fun for me is knowing how I should describe what I am doing on this landing page to get someone to believe and trust in me.

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