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Aww Shift

Jun 25, 2021

In today’s episode we have Joey Young focuses to change the lives of millennials who struggle to find their own ways. He will make us believe that there is always room for improvement and path to growth, there are always opportunities especially with our young generation. Joey is here today to share all what he has been through and all his realization on his way. 


[3:32] Why Should We Listen to You?

I think the biggest reason why you should listen to me is because I'm an honest to goodness, homegrown micro budget entrepreneur, I'm a solopreneur I don't have the frills. I go step by step so I can be excellent with my craft and with this I’m creating results. 


[5:03] What is it that you do? 

What I'm known as is someone who helps people clarify and create the life that they want especially to young people. The hardest part is finding out how to understand other people. You need to dig deeper on the things that you need to ask in order for you to say the right words.


[6:46] What got you into this? 

I grew up as a therapist, as a kid I was often the, the testing ground for my dad's therapy sessions, He helped me to understand that there are deep and important things to life that are beyond the surface level, success and money. I'm trying to figure out how I feel personally. God called me to do that and what I realized was that he had a lot bigger things in store for me than I thought I had in store for me. 


[10:16] What is your method and how does it work?

I created this process; it was based a lot upon my experience. try not to teach anything I haven't already done or I wouldn't do myself and so what I discovered in this in this process of self-realization, and helping myself, is I can use my experiences in order to help others this year, there was this topic called identity belief. You need to start doing what you love and this could change the world around you. 


[13:18] What do you do that stretches you?

I have launched a self-endeavor to improve how I enunciate, if we really want to help people, we need to make sure that what gets across is very clear. Making sure everyone understands clearly how we speak can add up to the impact on the message you are trying to convey. 


[15:17] What is your clear vision and what are you trying to create? 

I'm trying to build relationships with awesome people so that we can create even more change on a massive scale. Having to partner with such people expands what we can do and open opportunities to help other people.


[17:11] What do you want to leave your legacy to be? 

My mission statement is starts with a proliferation of personal development. I want to be that person where you look back, that guy was incredible with his business and his productivity. Every lesson I had, I wanted to leave a mark where people would learn from me. 


[19:45] Your Aww Shift Moment

I think the biggest moment was earlier this year when I saw myself from feeling like a failure to a struggling hero. I want to be the person helping others to go from failure to struggling hero. 


[21:30] First step to fulfillment 

First step they got to do is do some serious reflection. I think that the act of journaling about your pain is one of the most powerful acts that anyone can do.


[24:24] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I think the promise that God made is this is going to be a guy who loves empirically that there will be evidence and there will be verifiable data to back up that that was one of his core values is to love empirically love with evidence.



[9:22 – 9:30] “I need to change around these areas of my life that are that I'm a weakness in that are causing me to struggle, so that I can actually go ahead and help people with that.” 

[20:49- 20:56] “I want to be that person to help others go from failure to struggling hero mindset, which helps them move forward in their life.”

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