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Aww Shift

Sep 20, 2021

In today's episode, our guest is Jordan Montgomery, fly from a country and works as a high-performance coach, keynote speaker, and owner of Montgomery Companies, which provides full-scale performance and mindset coaching for different organizations and entrepreneurs. He will give a great perspective about the world of leadership development and the impact our environments have on mindset and our ability to pursue purpose.


[3:55] Why should I listen to you?

I think you should probably listen to me because I've listened to you first. And because I've treated you well, and I'm genuinely curious. We exchange great questions and engage in meaningful conversation. The world is a looking glass and gives back to each person a reflection of their image. If I want to be the person who respects others, and if I want to be a person worth listening to, I need to be a person who's listening.


[5:33] Where do you get the care for humanity? 

I had people who cared for me from a young age, and I feel so much of it. I think I had mentors, grandparents, parents, coaches that poured into me in a meaningful way. As a young person, I always listen, and I’m coachable. I wanted to be a character model, those that come before me, and it’s part of driven by faith.


[7:11] What was that message like you love to share about your journey?

It wasn't accidental, and ironically, I lost everything. I was running a big-time financial firm, and I was working 1416-hour days working weekends. My identity was in my achievement. At 27, it all came crashing down. I got fired from my job. I gained what I have now, so I needed perspective. I needed humility. Often, our mess becomes our message truth, and for me, it became my message. It's the mad guy for me, the reason I get to do what I do now, because it started of my most profound hurt, and it became my most significant ministry. I lacked a lot of authenticity, vulnerability, and humility. And I wanted to learn how to flaunt my flaws.


[10:11] What did you do to finish the race?

I'm still running a race, and I'll never indeed arrive, and we both know that. I was fired from a law firm after a staff member took a test for him. I put myself in a position where I refined, and when we deny the story, it defines us the truth. Also, when you own an account, you can write a new ending. You should embrace your willingness to be vulnerable. I have been through some stuff, and I'm not trying to act as I all figured it out. I would say it like this, I decided to own my story and own the problem, and when you do that, someone will say, I like this guy. Eventually, people connect with us through our weaknesses.

[14:22] People who are entering into new leadership.

I think number one; we got to get clear on values. And when your values are clear, decisions are easy. What happens in many young people is they set their goals before they're clear about their values. Right and then, your goal is to take it to a place you never intended to go.

[16:40] Finding core values are anchored to your life.

I think that's where we go sideways; we prioritize what before and so getting clarity. And here's the other thing people buy who you are, not what you do. If you want to do something significant in this world, show your identity in what you are. I don't care if you're in financial services, real estate lending; you're an entrepreneur. Some people buy who you are. They want to trust you, and they want to know that you're a good person. And I want to see what you stand for the right things that figured out.


[18:45] What are you excited about right now?

I'm excited about is the work that you and I are doing at this moment. It's content creation; it's taking your voice to the world. It's virtual work, and this is the work right now that matters. It was going to happen anyway. It's just that the pandemic expedited the inevitable.


[22:21] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I think when he made me, he gave the world another warrior, willing to fight for the least of these. I want to help people, and I want to take the person that's broken down and out. I want them to know that they matter, and I hope that at the end of my days, that's one of the things that I'm known for. I hope to give them hope and help them see a better future. That is special and unique. You steward your gifts incredibly well.


Key Quotes

[9:06 - 9:12] People can be impressed with your strengths, but I think they connect to you through your weakness.

[15:16 - 15:19] When your values are clear, decisions are easy.

[17:02 - 17:04] People buy who you are, not what you do.


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